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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post

That statement has truth as I find the issue of principal to be the greatest thing brought upon Avalon, and those who realize it, and believe in such an ideology, to go against it would be hypocritical. In my view, the people who understand, believe, and then of course justly follow that ideology are truly voices of reason I feel. I myself can be called a hypocrite for not initially following in their footsteps, however, my duty to be here to help and contribute is strong, and as I said it is a very hard decision for me to make as I am still pondering it.
I consider myself a reasonable individual. I'm against a subscription fee but I'll likely stay and pay it, because Bill and Kerry have provided so much for me, and i'm happy repay them what little I can.

There is no inherent hypocracy involved in participation w/ reservations. I've voiced my reservations, and will continue to try to help solve the real problem, and I will likely stay although I'm not sure either.

I'm getting a really wierd vibe from AV and I'm not quite sure if I want to get involved there. I'll watch some more before i decide, It's new and growing pains will occur and have.
Individuals (critical thinkers) will sometimes disagree, it is their nature to question of course. Kerry's post on this subject was very interesting.
I really do wish this place could stay free, but I guess there's no hope there, so I'll have to decide soon I guess.

So, w/ all that jibberish said, what did you think of the idea in my last post?

I think it could possibly solve the barrier issue (which is the real problem).

We could even have a list of names of new members that wanted sponsorship and then donations would kill two birds w/ one stone (dumb birds flying so close together)

We'd see that a new member wanted in and maybe someone has another twelve bucks to help. It sounds like they get little donations like that all the time anyway.

I do think that there should be a good bit of transparency involved though, in as much as I'm willing to donate to help B and K w/ living expenses and research related fees, but any surplus funds (if there are any) imho should go to some charitable organization(s). I'm quite sure Bill and Kerry did not do this to get rich, and I would guess that if the subscription fees became profits at some point, they would be open to redonation (to charities).

Allright I'm drained too and I gotta work in three hours so I'm gonna try to lay my head down for a bit.

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