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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

I agree Gregor, it's about the principle of a barrier.

An initial subscription fee barrier to potential new members is going to hurt imo. A passer by w/ something good to say is less likely to go through the added trouble of paying even twelve dollars, in order to convey their knowledge/opinion. I disagree in that aspect w/ the OP as well, in that I feel like that passer by or "newbie" could be potentialy very helpful/inspiring.

It's sad but as Karen has mentioned it's already done and we need to look forward to ways of lessening that initial barrier. I have what i think is a good idea, maybe Karen you could help as it I've seen that you're concerned about this as much or more than any non mod member.

Here it is:

I can basicly only afford to give two (minimum) subscriptions worth (24$) when the time comes. I have no one in particular that I would like to nominate so I would like to donate the other 12$ to some new potential member.

My idea is that (after the $ switchover) any excess $ donated past the minimum subscription fee for all active members, be divided by twelve and that many free memberships awarded (first come first serve style).

Any donation funds will still go to B and K of course but there could just be a pool of a new potential free mebership for every twelve dollars donated.

I would love it that my money could go to help B and K and help someone get a membership and voice their opinions.

I think this is a really good idea. Anyone else?

Originally Posted by GregorArturo View Post
........the voices of reason are leaving this forum. The ones who spoke truth have already left, and I feel like I am one of the few who remain and my patience is wearing thin, very very thin.
C'mon brother.

What are you saying here. That's so condescending.

I would think one of the last few voices of reason/truthspeakers would be a little more constructive.

We all know where you are now. You've advertised well, so we know where to find you if you're patience runs out here.

I normally like your posts here Arturo, but latley I'm reading alot of ego.

Fuction is the key. How can we better function? Be constructive.

Sorry for the aggressive approach here, but I took offense to that quote, because I believe that there are many voices of reason still here. As for "truthspeakers", imho (for now) that term is a subjective interpertation.

p.s. book of gregor questions? i know you're busy but like i've said i'm still curious.

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