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Default Re: Please stop the **** about subscription and money

If you really want to stay and post, and truly don't have $1 a month to spare, there are options: gift certificates from others, barter and really your imagination is the only limit. Options will appear on the subscription page. PM me if you want to work out some options. The only ones I can't help are those opposed to the principle of the matter. And I agree with some of the points made by the OP - most people would appreciate it if we could soon move on to use the bandwidth here in more productive ways. I've been listening to the complaints and proposed some solutions. I do wish I had all the solutions. My personal peace comes from allowance - it's a magical attitude that will open new doors. Karen

Originally Posted by munkey View Post
obviously if you don't have the money to spare, your opinion is obviously less important than those who can afford a subscription.
some of us are struggling just to get food on our childrens plate and join free online forums and hopefully put in some little pearls of wisdom from time to time and also to meet people that they wouldn't be able to due to money constraints.

but please feel free to allow only those with disposable income to spread the true word.

I am sure the powers that be have more than enough money to post whatever they want.
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