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Default Please stop the **** about subscription and money

I look forward to the time that Camelot/Avalon is subscription based. I welcome the opportunity to support Camelot in the very small way that subscription will allow. Perhaps then the many pointless posts will lessen in volume. Perhaps then we can browse without wading through 10 pages of "me too" replies. Better yet we might even see threads that are interesting from start through finish.

People very much need to realize that money is not in any way evil. Please discard your societal programming and also your reactions to that. Money is a tool to be used wisely. In fact, if money is ethically added to a transaction it lends power to the transaction of goods or information.

I am not a prolific poster, but I do read. Lately the effort of reading versus the payout in information has been nose-diving downward. Frankly most of the things considered novel and thread worthy by the newbies here, I was aware of already.

Do not sabotage this opportunity. If you are "opposed to money" then be that way, stop posting, read, learn and be satisfied. The information will still be free. The ability to dilute it will cost a pittance in monetary terms. Acknowledge that this behavior costs the rest of us something more valuable than money.

I hope that the small entrance fee will make people consider the importance of their words more carefully. Be humble or be gone. Support those doing good work or admit you have no interest in helping.
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