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Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post
I believe so... God is Self Luminous Love and Truth in Mans Heart - His Light reflects upon Mans Mind like the moon reflects the sunlight at night and bathes the world in dim light to be seen and experienced by Man - When Mind is calm Moon is bright and the sky is clear of the clouds of confusion Man sees himself and his surroundings better - When there is No Mind to reflect The Light when Man is Awake and the day is sunny and bright God in Man sees It as It is

So to become One with Myself is to become One with God - My long journey in Man from Myself to Myself - All is God - How can i hurt another Man - How can i poison Earth - God finds no pleasure in inflicting pain

Cannot Man refine friendship with God - Certainly! - Ask pray invite or devote God in Man to participate - God doesnt intrude on Mans free will He is waiting behind the door eager for the call - Take 1 step to God and He takes 10 steps toward Man

You have opened my eyes and showed me an answer. How many of us see God as a friend? Sure, we all call on him in times of difficulty - sadly as a last resort. I never thought of God as being a friend or mate etc - just a mysterious aspect of life. I accept that God exists but wouldnt have prayed, talked to him/her as a close friend. To me he/she was an authority that sees all and that (we all) I have difficulty contacting.

Wow! Youve given me a new avenue to explore and it feels right. I now feel the key to connection is to befriend and and invite. Ive also just had a Deja vu feeling writing this.

Thanks for the help here.

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