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Default Re: The Duality of Light and Dark

By my way of thinking, duality is most effectively represented by the Yin Yang symbol. At the center of the highest concentration of light is darkness, and at the center of the highest concentration of dark exists light.

Bagheera...may I address your question:
Can happiness/liberation/enlightenment (or whatever you want to call the final goal of our lifes) finally only be realized by turning to the light as the Buddha indicates? Or can happiness only be realized by overcoming the duality? Or are these choices in essence the same, because our perception of light and darkness is an illusion, because actually there only is light in different distortions, there only exists light?
Light and Dark both exist. They are could not exist without the other. They seek balance naturally (as the Yin Yang shows).
One must recognize each for what it is, and choose the middle path...knowing that each will play it's part and balance.

The bottom line is...imho...enlightenment itself is widely misunderstood. It does not exist as a goal to be reached, when "finished" already exists within you. It just waits for you to see it in yourself.
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