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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, Amen Ra, Hathor, Abraxasinas, Thuba

I don't know if the following really 'fits' in with this thread...but I'm listening to an Anna Hayes / Jeff Rense interview...and I had a thought. What if people like Alex Collier, Anna Hayes, Leo Zagami, Tony/abraxasinas, et al have to make an agreement with non-human entities to promote a certain agenda? They are given access to certain forbidden information...but they have to present it in a certain my theory goes. They might be given 50% truth and 50% bs...which they have to intermingle...with a certain editorial slant. This is just another one of my crazy speculations. I'm trying to stop. I really am. I'm thinking that there is a lot of deal-making which goes on. Even the Bible speaks of the 'Old Covenant' and the 'New Covenant'. There is the supposed 1954 Greada Treaty...among others. I continue to think that we got our @$$ kicked in an ancient war...and that OUR technology and wisdom was stolen from us...and we we're genetically and educationally dumbed down by our conquerors. I think they need us...because it's really our technology...and perhaps human beings are the only ones who can use it. Perhaps the non-humans have to use human slaves to work with this ancient technology and wisdom. In the Stargate SG-1 episode 'The Fifth Race'...only a human (Capt. O'Neil) is able to be programmed with the knowledge of the ancients. Perhaps the Ptah, the Founders, the Ancients...or God the Creator...are really Ancient Human Beings. I tend to think that a lot of aliens would like to let us go...but if they did so...and we realized how badly we have been misused and abused...up to and including the killing of an Ancient Human God...we might go berzerk...and begin a brand-new Star War against the alien races. Who knows? I'm sure the Shadow Government knows...but it sounds like they're in so much trouble...and into this thing so deep...that they can't do a damn thing about it. It sounds like they are not in control of what's going on here on Earth. Commoners like you and me might be required to sort a lot of this stuff out. Just a thought. We haven't been mind controlled...and we haven't signed binding we may be the only ones with the necessary freedom to be able to solve some of the perplexities facing humanity. Just more speculation on my part. Once again...I really intend to stop. I've had quite enough...but I do believe I'll have another drink. A real strong one. One more thing...Anna Hayes described three alien factions which the elites have agreements with...if I heard correctly. I have been speculating about three major factions. Also...there are supposedly three major bases below one of the polar icecaps. I keep thinking about Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. Maybe I should just smoke a great big the one in 'Up in Smoke'. That was some good $**+ man!

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