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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

Originally Posted by seeingterra View Post
lol, this place and the security staff gives me some good laughs at times..

First one admin say it's ok to post a PM with the original PM senders permission (which I have done with little success before), and suddenly Richard jumps in and close the thread?

Well.. Once again, I am baffled.

You just gave me a good laugh. Its true about the different rules but I find it depends on who you are.

I think you are a wonderful person and I know I was shocked when you posted a PM that you had been given permission to do, but that was only because I wanted to make a point regarding another incident. I had nothing against you.

Seems to me alot of that happening lately. Like Exchanger made a point of saying something on the order of, if you print only the truth in your PMs you have nothing to worry about............EXACTLY RIGHT and this goes for anything you post on a tread. You dont want it repeated, dont say it !!!
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