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Default Re: Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 2010!

From reading a few different people investigating the norway spiral.

Some clamouring for the pure missile approach others for pure HAARP/EISCAT I have come to conclude whit the help of Richard C. Hoagland at his enterprisemission article:

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? Part3

It was us "earthlings" doing. One part Russian missile one part EISCAT/HAARP torsions physics. Together creating a spectacle and demonstration of something if true...
We have a "shield" that could stop missiles in their tracks making them useless.

I really liked this article in the beginning. Though that bottom speculation part you for sure don't need to read unless you want to. Interesting stuff but I can't take all that as true but the top part concerning their analyse of the spiral.

I posted about this article in a new thread but no one has responded sadly.

And looking at all that I've read. I can't believe at all that it was the work of extraterrestrials or the likes.

There are so many that claim the spiral where their doing AFTER THE FACT it happened whit nothing but their words as proof... It's ridiculous on how many different fronts say they were responsible... None but one side can be true...

The only things that tell anything beforehand that I've read of it happening are the missile and EISCAT. The "tequila sunrise" experiment is interesting in this all by EISCAT that was scheduled for about the window when we had the spiral. and then looking at where it happened... the Russian missile for sure was involved also.

And concerning channelling and GFL. I believe "channelling" being possible but... it could be whatever or who ever unless you know what your doing telling whatever fancies them.
And why rely on external sources when you have your own internal source to tell the truth directly?
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