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Smile Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 2010!

The following is just a small excerpt from the entire Forecast located at:

That Spiral Vortex Over Norway

Cosmic Awareness:

Indeed, this brings this Awareness to a change of discussion. It wishes now to talk further of the extraterrestrial presence. It is seen by this Awareness that 2010 will continue to bring more and more evidence of the Galactic Federation forces, and other truths will be brought forward of the Orion/Reptilian factions. The year ends with a spectacular event which was the event of the spiral vortex seen in the skies over Norway, and although not published widely, also over the skies of China.

This was the doing of the Galactic Federation forces, a showing in the skies of the vortex, the spiral energy showing that there is something there. Many reported this event as UFO activity, and many UFOs were sighted in the region and at that particular location in Norway. The spiral vortex was shown publicly for the first time purposely by the Galactic Federation forces for the intent of showing humanity what is to come. Many who saw the spiral in the sky, the vortex in the sky, had a deep and unconscious knowing of this, and knew what it was even if it has not yet been brought to full consciousness.

These events will continue in 2010 and there will be more and more sightings, even if those sightings continue to be suppressed in the United States and not shown on the media. They will become so prevalent that there is no way that in 2010 the Powers That Be can completely block the populace from receiving this information. This is still moving toward the planned event of First Contact, and while this has always been on the agenda, and still is so for 2010, those who are the Galactic forces are content with showing themselves in bits and pieces.

(More Personal First Contact with ETs Will Increase in 2010)Threat of Mass Annihilation by Orion/Reptilians Must Be Overcome Before First Contact Can Occur

It is seen that what will start to occur more in 2010 is personal First Contact. More and more individuals will have a personal experience of meeting extraterrestrial beings of the Galactic Federation. These will start to connect together at a grassroots level until a point is reached when a mass First Contact will take place. It is not seen completely that this will occur in 2010, but it is planned before 2012, if humanity is ready for this meeting and there is a way of bypassing the threat that has been issued by the Orion/Reptilian faction to the Galactic Federation, the threat of mass annihilation if they did show themselves in First Contact.

If this can be overcome, then First Contact is indeed imminent. But it is not seen that those who are the Galactic forces have yet been able to completely neutralize this possibility, and as long as they feel that they cannot safely guarantee that the Orions will not carry out their plan of a mass annihilation of the planet's populace, they are holding back. They are pursuing a more subtle course of action, showing themselves in more small sightings and personal First Contact.

Many Light Workers Today are Galactic Federation Entities

This is what is seen for 2010 around this matter. Many of the members are extremely sensitive to the Galactic Federation, for many are indeed of the Galactic Federation's forces, and are indeed those who are extraterrestrial in nature, who have chosen to be born into a physical context, so that they may participate in the events of this planet as true inhabitants of the planet, versus those who would come in from outside. Many will experience a greater sensitivity, and some may experience First Contact on the individual level that this Awareness has spoken of in the year 2010. This is within the realm of possibility for many at this time. This Awareness is complete with this matter.

Are Other Surprises in Store for 2010?


(Thank you.) Are there any other surprises in store, favorable or unfavorable for humanity during 2010?

Cosmic Awareness:

Much Extraterrestrial Evidence Will be Discovered

It is seen that hand-in-hand with the extraterrestrial matter is the rediscovery of certain monuments and edifices that are extraterrestrial in nature that are being investigated at this time. It is seen that there is a huge pyramid that is presently being investigated in one of the Balkan states; the state of Romania is that state that this Awareness is seeing at this time.

There are other discoveries that will be made in 2010 that will indicate extraterrestrial presence in the past, but will also be part of opening up the future and the future First Contact. These are seen as discoveries underwater in the Pacific region in South America and in Africa; discoveries of long hidden objects, including a saucer that has been buried in the northern region of South Africa and into the central and lower central region. The country Zimbabwe is also seen as somewhat involved in such discoveries.

The 12th Planet Will Appear in 2010

It is also seen that that which is known as the 12th planet will be declared in 2010 as an object that is approaching Earth. It is now close enough that many are starting to be able to view this through home telescopes, and it will soon reach a stage that the Powers That Be who have tried to quash this information will no longer be able to do so, and information will be released about the object in the skies approaching Earth.
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