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Default Re: The Last Mimzy IS bang on with Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch mentioned that the roswell crash did involve future humans coming back in time to correct something that was going on in future times. When hes talking about the p45's (beings 45000 years in the future) I thought he was referring to future humans?

here is a quote from part 1 of Dan's 3 part interview on Project Camelot

K: And they discussed the Lotus project?

D: It was brought up and in fact, ah, as part of the negotiations the P+45,000 group of J-Rods, wanted the codes for the Lotus principle added into the treaty negotiations so that they could use it in their own attempts to ameliorate their particular neuropathies.

K: Wow. So they saw the value...

D: They wanted to use it.

K; So they saw the value right away.

D: They saw potential value for it...

K: Uh huh.

D: ...and they wanted to use it for that purpose. It was my argument that it should not be used for a particular purpose, that this is, moreover, part of a natural system which has been put in place by whatever god that one would want to deign as being the creator of the universe, as part of a natural system and not to be controllable by humankind. In so doing...

K: Or by alien kind, by inference?

D: Well, they’re humans. They’re humans.

K: You would consider them humans.

D: They’re humans.

K: OK, so...

D: They’re human beings, albeit different from what we, ah, would expect to see as a human being. But then again if we look in the history, the presently accepted history, of the evolution of humankind... If one were to walk, ah, into a conference held by Neanderthals, one would be taken aback. Well in the same way one may be taken aback by walking into a conference with these gentlemen.
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