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Default Re: Turkey passes the point of no return...

It isn't just Turkey...

story link

Former Iraqi intelligence chief: Iranian regime Qods Force involved in bloody Baghdad blasts PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 March 2010

NCRI - In an interview with Al Sharqiya TV, Mohammed al-Shahwani, the former head of Iraqi Intelligence Service stated that some Iraqis in complicity with Iranian regime's Qods Force committed the bloody Baghdad explosions which killed 400 Iraqis.

Shahwani, who resigned from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government following a series of bloody explosions in Baghdad, said that prior to the blasts we handed the intelligence about the planned explosions to the government, but they did not do anything and the bloody blasts took place.

Below is the translation of excepts from the text of interview:

Host: You presented the intelligence to the [Iraqi] government and told them the explosions will happen in those particular areas?

Al-Shahwani: Yes, we presented the intelligence along with a comprehensive analysis; that is to say, the data along with an analytical report on the intelligence.

Host: Are you saying you had accurate information and the government did nothing all those 5 days? No warnings whatsoever?

Al-Shahwani: the intelligence was accurate and the government did not do a thing and did not give warnings.

Host: General, just to make sure I did not misunderstand you, is this an oversight or is it a conspiracy? Do you mean you are pointing your finger to the Prime Minister, Al-Maliki, himself or the entirety of his government? Because what you’re saying is significantly important.

Al-Shahwani: In fact, all the information was sent to the headquarters of Baghdad forces which function under the full commandership of Nouri Al-Maliki, the Prime Minister….

Host: Those who blew the explosives have obviously murdered thousands of Iraqis. Who are these criminals?

Al-Shahsawani: According to our intelligence, these are Iraqis in connection with the Iranian Qods Force. There are many Iranian mercenaries scattered all over Iraq. They are present in the parliament, in government, in security forces, everywhere. Iranian agents are on the streets, in religious venues. They are present everywhere.
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