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Default Re: Why Do "New Posts" Only Go Back Approximately One Hour Right Now?

I have reviewed the forum settings at the administrator level

The session timeout is set to 3600 seconds (1hr) and that could explain the phenomena.

When you log in a session is established, and it lasts until you log out, or it times out.

The following describes the option which this forum uses:

Originally Posted by vBulleting manual
This option controls how threads and forums are marked as read.

1. Inactivity/Cookie Based - once a user has been inactive for a certain amount of time (the value of the session timeout option) all threads and forums are considered read. Individual threads are marked as read within a session via cookies.
There are more "accurate" options but they rely on the forum making entries within its own database and this would cause a performance impact. I suppose we could try it but I promised not to make any of those kind of changes without Gareth being around

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