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Default Re: Avebury 31st July Nexus Global Meditation

Originally Posted by Truthseeker360 View Post
HI All

Sorry to bore but heres another post.

JUst wanted to clarify couple points.
Thanks for that.

I salute your committment to the event and your Service To Others.

It's good that people feel comfortable and that basic practicalities are
addressed.....then everyone can relax and get into the magic of the

A couple of pics to share....

I don't know what 'orbs' actually are...although at the moment I think they
might be energy coming through from another dimension?
I only started 'orb' hunting after taking this first the end of June, this
year...from the top of Woodborough Hill. Someone said they thought they
could see some kind of mist/light in the distance. So I took this picture and
I was chuffed to see all the orbs. (it was a warm, dry evening, after a scorching hot day) Woodborough Hill is near to the Barge Inn etc, Wiltshire.

And a close-up of an 'orb' taken (by someone else) at the Barge Inn. Scan from a photo.

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