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Default Re: Avebury 31st July Nexus Global Meditation

HI All

Sorry to bore but heres another post.

JUst wanted to clarify couple points.

The only thing i am organising is the nexus campsite29th July 4thAugust(which is an open camp come and go as you please)and the Avebury Nexus meditation 31st July.

Food ,to cut down cost i will be doing a picnic for the 31st for lunch after meditation,something simple sandwiches crisps pasta salad,drink etc.
(any help with preparing same would be appreciated )

As i am still unsure who turns up when,i will also cook camp breakfast( around 8.00am) on 30th and 31st And evening meal around 7.00pm may be bit later on 31st.

So the above i will use donated funds.

So far that inc

Ground Sheet
Picnic For Nexus Meditation
Campsite breakfast And evening meal for 2 days
Site fee for pitching tent x 5 days
Fuel for fire

From the 1st August onwards when now who's staying,we would all need to chip into the pot to cover breakfast packed lunch and evening meal.

Thats it the event around the days are for you all to decide suggestions anywhere you want to go(Silbury hill,Kennett Longbarrows) or any questions,topics for discussion .
Some may just wanna chill round campsite some might want to head of do own thing or site seeing day trips etc,it really is a open camp with no head at the table.

I would like to say that the meditation on 31st is for all to join if they wish please feel free,even if first time no one will be looking everyone got eyes shut lol , please join in if you wish you can make a difference.

Ok we have a tent now so can also use this for teaching meditation techniques from beginer to advanced,any volunteers?

Any questions please feel free to bring up and i'll do my best to answer them.

Love light & Oneness

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