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Default Re: Avebury 31st July Nexus Global Meditation

Nexus campsite. 29th July - 4th Aug

I will be arriving on the 29th thanks to a lift from jaby..

A tent will be purchased from donated monay along with a canopy to cover cooking area.

If we can put tents around each side will aid in protection from the elements whilst around fire cooking etc.

he he well try at least

I will also look to pick up a ground sheet for cooking seating area,and basics, tea coffee plastic plates cups.

If any one can bring extra items cups,pots, pans, seats ,chopping board,sleeping bags blankets etc etc would be great help..

anyone got spare kitchen sink lol..

Nexus meditation is on friday at 3.00pm a table has been booked at the Red Lion for 12.oopm under nexus gathering.

Drinks, chat,.. food is available from the pub.

After meditation was thinking of maybe picnic(from donation) where we can all chat and relax.

Another table has been booked for 6.00 pm and again pub food is available or just sit and chat and escape the elements..

Other than that it's a pretty open schedule.

So any ideas on events or meditations,please feel free to speak up or any suggestions for topics of discussion bring a list,it's easy to forget something..

Crop circle connectors have event 29th 700pm Alton Barnes
Avebury Circle tours most saturdays with talk on ley lines etc.

Anybody got tarot card angel cards etc...
Healing tent if anybody wants to offer there services

Could really do with blankets cushions light etc,make tent a little more cosy.


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