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Default Re: Avebury 31st July Nexus Global Meditation

HI All

Ok had a great response so far.

Many who came last time return,some still awaiting email's,and quite a few new intrested ..

Looks like it's going to be a very intresting time..

Yesterday i recieved some great news,we have recieved a donation of 100 euros
To put to the best use we can..

This was so out of the blue i was stunned,but wow what a rush of love and what a kind gesture,i was stuck for words as i am now.

BUt a big thank you from all im sure To Bushycat for the donation.

I was thinking of buying a tent that can be used as a healing tent teaching or even just bit of shelter in the day.

And for who ever needs bed for the night..

A was also thinking maybe a fire pit or small bbq..

So please these are my ideas and i would like your thoughts and comments.

Love & Gratitude
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