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Default Re: Tsarion and Origins and Oracles

I think Tsarion should be given due credit. the guy has, like others, pieced together vast areas of information from countless sources.

I think for anyone who hasn't taken note of his account of earths history should make it a priority to search out his books and lectures on the many subjects listed in previous posts (DVD series is a must own in my opinion). He also give plenty of information on his points of reff so the watcher/reader can search out further information and sources, which is a must for any credible research.

I must say im a fan of M.Tsarion and will always have time to listen to what he has to say. Repeating information on these subjects is no bad thing in my eyes. Not so much to drum it into people heads as thats not what he's about. To recap on non-familiar information only serves to help those coming to the subject for the first time to understand it easier as many areas of study, as we know, inevitably intermingle and overlap to bring together the whole jigsaw puzzle.

Heres a few links to Tsarion related media

Journeys with Rebecca Talk Radio Show "State of our World Special"

Jordan Maxwell & Tsarion (radio interview)

Taroscope Tour

Various lectures and information via google videos

theres many Tsarion works to easily find on youtube or google vids. Take a few minutes to search and absorb it all. It will only help piece together more information that has been kept from the people of the world previously.
Takecare all.
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