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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Greetings abraxasinas,

Thank you for your previous replies to my questions.

I wish to ask you personally.

Do you personally eat animals?

Do the Thuban Council recommend eating animals (unnecessarily) to people who wish to access higher vibratory dimensions?

Or do they recommend eating a vegerarian diet to people who wish to access higher vibratory dimensions?

Or they don't recommend either of the above as in their perception it does not matter?

Do the Thuban council recognise that it is unnecessary for humans to eat animals?

P.S. I don't eat my friends the animals a world of abundance in the west at least ... it always looks unnecessary to eat our friends.

P.S. Don't our friends the animals enjoy ever right to a long happy life absorbing and processing the experiences of the earth program from their perscpective. Their purpose as a learning function is surely more than just becoming fertiliser.

P.S. I try to be harmonic. Love for me is harmonic. It does no harm! Killing an animal unnecessarily seems to be disharmonic to me? Eating the fruit form a tree and killing an animal seem very different things in terms of maintianing harmony.

At the end of the day, I wish to experience harmony so I try to live as harmoniously as I can without inflicting the great horror/ pain upon my friends the animals. Why is this so hard for humans to understand?

Wishing Peace and the end of ignorance to all sentient beings!
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