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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I need additional clarification regarding - Logos, to understand the last answers.

I admit i was rather surprised...a lot of yes answers. It seems i can do better than i would think...think of myself...

Universal Logos = Christos = Forethought = Mosaic Law = Oneness = Source Energy ?

Each individual has its own Logos?
Logos of each individual have an effect on the Universal Logos?
Universal Logos can, in time, be changed via individual Logos?
By changing the Universal Logos = change of the archetypes?

So theoretically...sometime in the future...everything can be/will be different?

What does it mean to surrender to the Logos /Universal Logos?
How does one do that?

There are also other questions but at the moment i can not form them in most possible (for me) logical way (to make them as clear and as basic as possible).