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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abraxasinas, i think it is time to upgrade what i have "got" this far...starting with confusion and hopefully ending with conclusion the last time

In the process of "becoming" we compete against ourselves?
I am my own enemy? Not some "evil draconian, gray"..etc?

Is this the "greatest trick" of them all? The only evil there is is the man itself?

All that is required is for us to do our best? (actually a very hard thing)
After the competition is over we can be united within ourselves?

Being...child like...being pure, inquisitive, "naive", opened, not judgmental, without prejudice....helps a lot during this process?

What is it -to be born again - to truly know yourself?

Everything i experience is a counter reaction for my action?
If so...can action be forced on me, without me making the 1st step (provoking it)?

If one can be influenced in this manner, how is this to be understood?
Is this a necessary experience or something that should (if possible) be avoided?

How conscious am I....or all of us...during our wake time?
Am i unknowingly creating much of what happens to me?
While thinking i am doing one thing..."somewhere" in the background there are "forces at work" that i am not aware of?

This one might a "long shot" (but i just can not resist): what is my cosmic ID?

If i attempt to understand what i perceive with my senses as a star trek holodeck - can this help me to understand things better?
How do i stop the program and exit the holodeck?

This one might be a little "strange"...if you perhaps know star trek TNG (a great show with many deep topics) there are beings named Q**. It snaps its fingers and behold...the relative gravity of the universe is changed...and things like that... Q = a distant future human to be? or is there anything like that now? - who and where?

**(Q Continuum is an extra-dimensional plane of existence inhabited by a race of extremely powerful, hyper-intelligent beings known as the Q The Q have the ability to warp reality at a whim, ranging from appearing in any place they choose to rearranging the cosmos themselves, they are not omnipotent, just beyond the comprehension of some beings of lesser knowledge and intelligence.)

There are many times when i realize that as much "good" i can do as much "evil" i can do. It mostly feels better when i do what is classified as good. although when i was younger it was...different...younger as = teenager. But at the same time i can easily imagine how would the situation look like if i were to - do it the other way. And it is not that i can not do evil - that would be a lie and a big one. When i do good i choose not to do evil - it is only that and nothing more. I am not a "saint" or anything like that. At times like that i honestly ask myself what choice would i make if there were no such things as a law...i also ask myself what things would others do to me... and i somehow become to realize...that law is actually pushing us is holding us back...preventing the experience. As "cruel" as this might sound i think it is true. Human animal hides behind the law...not doing what would it actually do...not experiencing what it would...not learning...not progressing or regressing as it is artificial and unnatural...all rules are...or so i think.
But than again we are all so heavenly influenced that what i see as evil might not even be in my mind if all of this outside influence was not present...none of us would...and i wonder...just how would we and think...without the artificial form of control...

Would i still know fear?
Would i still know laughter?
Would i be able to understand without feeling it?

Are our feelings distorted?
Is what we feel getting in a way?

.... there is just so much....what i "got" as a basic understanding (what i call my thesis) is not sufficient if i can not control my mind...if my mind is wild

If i am not aware of myself how do i control what i manifest?