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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post

You wrote:

"When the evolutionary thresholds would be attained the ET-intelligences would incarnate physically into the Human and StarHuman templates to manifest their individuated microcosms in the destined macrocosmic super-blueprint of the StarHumanity."

Are we to be vessels then for these ET intelligences, or can we be our own star human?...

Dear Jonah!

Your reply indicates that you perceive yourself to be a human individual, separated as a uniqueness from the rest of the universe.
You are indeed a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL; yet YOU are also the NONSEPARATED universe.
As long as you cannot perceive yourself in nonseparation, my answers to your questions will appear to you as threatening your individual selfauthority and 'free will'.

Are the billions of bacteria keeping your intestinal biochemistry healthy and functioning 'threatening your individuality and 'sense of selfhood'?

The ETs are like those bacteria in the starhuman body.
The ETs are a collectiveness within the stahuman individual.
Each individual ET-bacterium CAN also express a starhuman individuality in mirroring your Jonah individuality as a bacterium within some alien bodyform, then sharing your starhuman integfrity.

I like myself the way I am... But to believe that I am being controlled from the 12 dimension... and am in the process of allowing an Intelligence that is not my own to incarnate in to my star human self... not sure if I am understanding this part quiet right...

Yes, you misunderstood that part. Perhaps the above will help yo to visualize the unity-separaton dichotomy.

Also this hybrid form... does it come with physical changes?
Can you elaborate on them if any?

How would this template reproduce?
Just as today, except that the prebiological (or cloning) reproduction template will be physically manifested, instead of being 'hidden' and obscured in the 4th space dimension.

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