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Default Re: Tsarion and Origins and Oracles

Ok I would like to put in.

I have seen the whole DVD set. And it is very repetitious.

So much so that several times throughout, I found myself asking myself if I had already seen this part. And sure enough, I had, just not the same footage. He cuts together a lot of the same facts, in different orders.

Please don't think I am bashing Tsarion. I have a lot of respect for him, and I count his material with all the others, as completely essential in understanding the big picture.

I just felt that he stretched it out a bit too much in the DVD set. Although I did learn some new things, a great deal of it can already be found for free online. And to be frank, the online lectures are much more concise, in regards to relating what he knows to the "big picture"

Thank you for posting this, I don't think he has been talked about nearly enough, especially here.
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