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Originally Posted by Orion11 View Post
if they can see a molecule in another star sytem....

I'm sure they can see a whole lot more! lol

I think this is just their silly way to help them get the idea out there...That life does indeed exist beyond WE. <3
Excellent. More and more are beginning to use Deductive Reasoning. That is - What is NOT said can often be used to give You answers to..."Other" questions...

That said - You bet They can see alot more -

You are correct in that it IS Their way of parting the Info out as - To be totally Honest - Some will simply reel from the Disclosures soon to come out.

Not all are as aware as the Posters here and some of the Posters here are not even that up to date on what HAS gone on or IS going on.

IE. Codex, Symbolism, the Orion/Pleiades connection, etc.

For Them I see the pace slowed but I would rather see the Info come right out in Peoples faces much faster. Owell, this will occur soon at any rate. I can easily say - I tire of Mankind's excuses as I'm sure many here have...

That stated - We don't control the release of this Info so We simply have to wake up as much People as possible in the best ways We can with the time We have left.

This is why I've no problem with People posting about Issues such as UFOs, MKUltra, the NWO, Luciferianism/Satanism, Freemasonry, Spirituality, the Creator, et al. I observe the two Laws of the Middle Path as others do here. That is - The Law of Allowance and the Law of Confusion, and I feel that if asked for advice or counsel - That its then a great honor to "turn" someone onto the Information We've found out about.

Simply put - I feel that this is good News. I love it when Mainstream Science backs Us up...

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