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Default Re: Stewart Swerdlow's "Illuminati News"

I don't know what priest this might be...

Stewart's news today...

"March 11, 2010
The Vatican Rag

"The priest who is the official exorcist for the Vatican says that the institution has Satanic cults and devil worshipers! This is what I have been telling you for years!

"The priest says that there are those in the Vatican who do not believe in Jesus and there are Bishops who are followers of demons. Why would these men then be allowed to reach their ranks in the Church?

"According to this priest, that is why pedophelia and homosexual activities are reported within the Vatican and in churches globally.

"The plot thickens. There is a reason for all this exposure now. The New World Religion will be the next step from the Vatican, incorporating all of these activities as acceptable and 'normal.'"
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