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Default Re: Stewart Swerdlow's "Illuminati News"

Thank you, Seashore. I am privy to this info. The problem I have is when we make a leap from CIA works with exiled leaders of Tibet to mount an uprising against the Chinese occupation army to Dalai Lama colludes with the CIA to enslave the free people of the world.

The details about Tibet's fuedal past lead to a more complex discussion about lines of development in humanity. Tibet's old system can be compared to monarchical Europe in the middle ages. Some similarly grisly tales persist from that period of history. Because of Tibet's isolation and level of development, they were essentially living in "the dark ages".

This is not new startling information. The Dalai Lama has even acknowledged this (Most recently in the book The Open Road). Keep in mind he was a teenager during his rule. The system he inherited had been in place for hundreds of years and had replaced an even more primitive level of development.

When we look into history, we often hold people hostage to the past. If you have payed attention to modern Tibetan Buddhism, you will have noticed that many of these former religious leaders have gone through an evolution as they have acclimated to Western modes of idealistic social structure and education. Also note that when viewing the past, people of the present like to throw out the baby with the bath water. Barbaric Aztec and Mayan behavior does not condemn their culture as a whole.

I have a problem with Tarpley's assertion that The Dalai Lama is not an acknowledged political leader. This is clear to anyone who has a modicum of sophistication and again it is acknowledged by the man himself. He is both the spiritual and political leader of Tibet. It seems to me Tarpley has an opinion about the wisdom of meeting with the exiled leader who still holds symbolic weight with Tibetans under occupation and in exile. The 2 million a year goes for Tibetan refugees not just the deposed leaders.

I believe he is right about Hollywood's oversimplification of history but this is nothing new.

I also missed the part where he talks about mind control slaves.
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