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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Magamud View Post
A natural reboot system? When mind has reached its limit in reality integration. Like many of the AI stories Hal 9000? So the Devils world a reverse mirror can be used as our own "antibiotics" in the hologram so to speak. Funny we steal the devils such hard work in the end. :mfr_lol ie..

The mind is unlimited in reality integration magamud. Your 'reboot' system is cyclicity within some reality context. Until the mirror of the illusion is 'shattered', the cyclicity remains bounded by it and so no 'reboot' between the physical-spiritual realities is possible.

Makes total sense that assumed evil archetypes are nothing but the source trying to represent itself but due to the mirror effect, we have it...You described the double mirror with an outer and inner circle. Do you have a picture of this to show?

This is elemental archetypology. You can simply annullarize a circular interior, such as occurs in the quantum geometry of the standar model of the Thuban Particle Physics.
For a pictoral representation just consider the orbit of the moon about the earth superposed onto the orbit of the earth about the sun.
The occultations and conjunctions then define the eclipses as just such 'obscurations' of the 'light source'.

Can you describe some of the Suns Shadowminds history?

This is 3rd order archetype, meaning that the astral hyperspace dimensions allow superposed histories and as authored by 3D composers able to integrate those archetypes. So should you be able to couple the physical spacetime consciousness of the Sun's spacial occupancy, then the ET inelligence will participate in yur modelling, sauy a solar ET civilization manifesting physically through the solar plasma.
This then will be a History of the particle-Nature of the solar waveform as a shadow being.

Amazing how consciousness can skip through time......

The holographic universe IS Consciousness.

This will exponential grow as the logos here or black hole intensifies?

Yes, the Black Hole intensification is simply data compression however at the center of the earth and the size of a golfball becoming heavier say.

Can you give information on Bigmos Baloon. Thankyou...
Bigmo's Balloon is simply a metaphor for the metaphysical universe as it existed before being born into materiality.
My reply to you uses this balloon in its empty state as the metaphysical transformation into a filled balloon in the Descent of the 1st order archetypes termed Adam and Eve in the 'Falling In'.

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