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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

[Before I ask you my questions, I would like to address the forum and say something about the outbursts in this thread if I may.

Dear Avalonians:
This is JuLiSsa “the Peruvian” Haha (Although I don’t like to be categorized as such or “American” or any other nationality because I don’t believe in borders.) I sense fear. This information is not dangerous. There was probably a time when certain information was not accessible to humans and there must have been a reason for it. Although we may have always had the capacity to reach for truth because it was always latent within us, maybe humans couldn’t do so because they either forgot how or were blocked to it or maybe it was just not the right time; say an early human trying to handle astrophysics or the US tax code for that matter! Lol, nature handled this in the best possible way as always.

Things are very different now. Information will reach someone just at the right time when he or she is ready for it even if their egos/intellectual mind don’t think so or even welcome it. How you process this data is up to you, for you always have free will. We at this stage in our evolution are ready for the Thuban material because it was prophesied that nothing will be a secret to us anymore. If you study this material closely, you’ll find awesomeness! Even if your intellect can’t understand it (as it happens with me sometimes), trust that what is in front of you is there for a reason and allow the knowledge to sink in. Allow your heart to think it through. Information like this is designed to trigger a remembrance in you, to deprogram your mind. It is in your best interest to be exposed to a wide variety of point of views anyway and I hint all of you already know this; otherwise you wouldn’t be here in Avalon. However, I feel the rejection is at times towards the scribe and not the material itself.

Please contemplate this, Abraxas has a particular personality and sense of humor; but this thread is not about himher, it is about what heshe translates for us. Don’t miss the point thinking this is an “intellectual war” because there is no conflict, at least not coming from the messenger. And about the material itself, think of this: If heshe is banned from here, very simply heshe will find another forum in which to share this information. Maybe you’ll find it, maybe you won’t and then you’ll be missing a great opportunity to learn something in the NOW rather than later.

So pay attention, for if God wants you to know something, you’ll find it even in your soup! Heed the moment! Do not react against it for there is no place to hide. If you face it and it disturbs you….great! Jesus said it will. If you feel that some new information might change your pre conceived ideas…good! Change is a natural thing. Don’t resist it. Embody it. Be courageous! Don’t be afraid of information. It is just that, information, but some like this “new” Thuban material holds great treasures! You will not die if it “touches” you, I promise. What will happen is that not you, but your ego will “die” and when you find yourself naked “without it” you’ll realize you are still you. Fear not what you don’t know or can’t remember YET, for in time… you will. ]


I am so thankful I found you Abraxas and your wonderful website. I read it every day and I try to absorb as much of it as I can. What it has done for me (specially the latest Thuban dispensations) was that it has taken all the various bits and pieces of scattered info I had in me and put them in order. Order out of chaos. Nothing so far has been able to do that for me and it feels wonderful! This is important because as the pieces of the puzzle fit together, I can see the full picture more clearly. As my “vision” gets sharper, my heart finds peace. I sense this is bringing me closer and closer to find my truth. But my drive was never finding enlightenment just for myself. I am here to be of service to my loved ones and people around me.
Can you fathom that as I come to face the information you present, I have to take it in, transmute it in me and then translate it into a different language so I can then present it to people who are eager to know here and far away? Some of the questions that I’ve asked you are not even my own! Hahaha! It’s hard to try to explain to others a feeling/concept you know is of a higher nature to a person who is “dead alive”. It comes to a point when words are useless! It is difficult for me, specially the formulas (I only have a degree in literature and translation), but I read it regardless because I trust deep inside I know all of it anyway. My friend, I do it because I came to recognize my purpose, so I do it with joy… and I thank you for the part you play in it. ♥

Now to my questions.

1) How fast is the speed of thought (and feelings for I think they are interconnected) and how does it travel across time and space? What is the speed of its vibration and in what dimension does it reside in?

Dear Juli!

This question addresses the so called string epoch in the cosmogony of the preBig Bang Quantum creation; namely a very precise linear time-interval which transmuted 5 different superstring classes (I, IIB, HE(32), IIA, HE(64)) between the so termed Planck-Time (about 10^-44 seconds to about 3x10^-31 seconds) into each other.

But from this rather technical quantum description, derives the 'sacred geometry' of the five Platonic Solids and the many Fibonacci related patterns of that quantum geometry.

So what the Terran physicists and cosmologists term the 'Big Bang' did NOT occur until AFTER this string epoch was completed to manifest this 'quantum geometry' as a physicalisable expression of its metaphysical (mathematically abstract) precursor.

So the answer to your questing becomes related to the astrophysics of the Big Bang and the metaphysics of the preBig Bang.

The Big Bang as the birth of the universe occurred precisely WHEN the so called NOW Time moment DEFINED the Quantum Timeinterval.
This NOW Time then manifested as a 10-dimensional asymptotically expanding thermodynamic universe expanding in the propagation of wormhole quanta, all defined in the NOW-Time as the inverse of the Source-Frequency, the RESONANCE Selfstate of the Creator and named the LOVEPHOTON.

The preBig Bang metaphysics manifested at this Now-Time moment of creation in the de Broglie Wavematter Inflaton and this DEFINES the Speed of Thought in setting a 11-dimensional boundary for the 10-dimensional universe to expand 'into' in a dimensional sense of 'into'.

This Inflaton is billions of times greater than the speed of light, the latter bounding the asymptotic expansion of the 10D materialising Big Bang seed.

The wormhole frequency is fwormhole=3x10^30 Hertz and the 11D Hubble-Radius as the 11D boundary RHubble can be calculated as almost 16.9 billion lightyears.
Then the speed of this inflaton becomes the 'speed of thought' as the phase velocity.

VdeBroglie=RHubblexfwormhole=4.793...x10^56 meters/second or so 1.6x10^48 times lightspeed c. This is 1.6 trillion trillion trillion trillion times lightspeed.

The magnitude of the 'speed of thought' so implies, that the entire universe in a NOW-Instant of Time became linearised in a nested hierarchical superstringed cosmology, which then allowed graduations in dimensions associated with sublevel densities of vibrational eigenstates.

This scenario manifests in a 11-dimensional Omnispace (or Dragonspace) and interpenetrates all dimensions and densities in the form of the Quantum of the LovePhoton; which in technical terms becomes the gauge interaction energy transmitter for the Electromagnetic Fundamental Interaction. It is this gauge interaction, which defines the so called Zero-Point-Energy or ZPE as the intrinsic 'Dark Energy' pervading the universe as a Heisenberg Light-Matrix.

2) Say my ancestry is in a far away star, how will they “get me”? I guess this answer has to follow the same principle as a devise made for instant communication across spacetime?

Yes indeed and this is of course consequential in regards to question 1.
Think of it this way.
The universe itself is a 'merkabah' and this merkabah is the Holographic Universe.
You are a hologram of this 'cosmic merkabah' and your individual merkabah so can MAP and correspond in a one-to-one coupling between those merkabah-circles/spheres, say in the holofractal cosmology of Haramein.

The technical aspect so to 'transverse' the wormholed Light-Matrix will be the de Broglie matterwave in its phased distance- and velocity scalings using the NOW-Time.

The Velocity v(t) as a function of time becomes transmuted to a velocity V(n) with cycletime n itself a function of the linetime t.

This derives from the linetime limitation of lightspeed c defining the so called Lightpath X=ct.
The lightpath applied to the entire universe so is RHubble=ctnodal age of universe.

Dimensionless Cycletime n=Hot=ct/RHubble for a nodal oscillation frequency Ho=dn/dt being the 'Heartbeat of the Universe' in a (technically defined) Hubble-Oscillation of the Cosmos between even and odd nodes as halfcycles so 16.9 billion lightyears apart.

So you can now define the metric coordinate systems of the lightspeed restricted universe in 3 space dimensions, and as say given in the Relativity theories of Albert Einstein within a higher 11-dimensional setting, where the metric time is holographic to the Now-Time.

Then V(n)=R(n)/T(n)=R(n).F(n) and where F(n) is a frequency function for the Now-Time coupled to a Displacement Parameter R(n) which maps the Einstein lowerD coordinate systems onto a higherD coordinate system in direct correspondence to the merkabah coupling between the holographic universe as a master hologram for the individuated holograms say.

Iow, mapping the universe within yourself or say a spaceship merkabah; will allow you to map the INSIDE of yourself or the spacecraft with inhabitants as any place in the Hubble-defined universe - just like you map the coordinates of the earth say in an atlas or a geography map.

An advanced civilization can then use the V(n)=R(n).F(n) formulation to define the R(n) scale coordinate to timetravel to any place in the universe using the Nodal Hubble-Frequency definition.

This entails the expansion parameters of the universe as a quantum integral or summation count of wormhole connectors based on the LovePhoton Resonance selfstate of the Prime Creator.

As everything exists as a densification of this Lovephotonic gauge energy in vibratory eigenstates; tuning into this resonance maximum of the encompassing holographic lightmatrix; will allow any civilization able to do so to REVISIT all n-coordinates visited 'in linetime t' by the expanding universe as a n-time coupling to the linetime (t).

Iow, ANYPLACE existing in the materialised universe in 10D NOW was VISITED and became defined by the expanding universe at some linear linetime t coordinate.

So say when the universe was 10 billion years old in linetime t, the n-time can be calculated as n=Hot.

This calculates as n10=0.5925537... and so a fractal of the n=1 cycle and for a prent n-time npresent-n10=0.5400..

Ok so now having these coordinates, you consider your position ANYPLACE in the material universe and using your own selfrelative location as the origin you ascertain the distance of 10 billion lightyears your past and whatever material manifestation exists at that distance, say looking at some galaxy.

You can then travel to that galaxy or starsystem or planet 10 billion lightyears away in NOW-Time using the V(n)=R(n).F(n) formulation in a finestructured sense; should you be able to 'TUNE" the F(n) frequency function of the n-time in the 'merkabah physics' of the holographic lightmatrix.

3) How is it that “Eve” was on earth 52,000 years before “Adam”? I just read your 1351 post and started thinking about this. I know you don’t mention this in this specific post but I think I read it somewhere. So how come it was “Eve” who came later and from “Adam” as the story goes. Can you clarify this for me?

Here you are 'mixing up' the mitochondrial Eve scenario of the Terran geneticists with the archetypical Eve of the cosmogony.

I have posted on the Lilith-Eve archetype before and as you know, this is also on the tonyb. website (under the Sphinx and Pyramid posts).
Lilith is the archetype of Satania as the 'future' sexchange operative for the Satan-Apep-Angra Mainyu-Shaitan 1st order archetype of the cosmogony.
My message #1351 should be most informative to you and your students in this regard.


Juli ♥

Love and Peace to you too, dear Juli.
Allow me thank for your excellent summary and open letter to the forum on behalf of all supporters of he Thuban material here at Project Avalon.

Abraxas Anthony - (The Office of the Bard)

The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!

Abraxas Anthony

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