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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
I see now...And Anubis..the son of Osiris.....fitting yes...and who exactly is his mother? That is the question of the millennium now is it not? This is no 3D remembrance I assure you of that
Here is some data on the archetypes as found in the Thuban archives for you Brook:
Their children became numbers 3 and 4 as the righteyed Horus of the 'All Seeing Eye' and the 'Spiritual Body' of the Sahu; and the lefteyed Bast or Pasht of the 'Sistrum' in the Ba of the 'Soul'.

Now Set and Nephthys also had a child in Anubis, the Khaibit or Shadow of the Jackal-headed 'Opener of the Way' and the 'Guide of the Dead; but the story goes, that the fatherhood of Anubis is in dispute.

Osiris is said to have had a loveaffair with both of his 'sisters' Isis and Nephthys to reproduce his own lefteyedness in a son to an also lefteyed mother.

And so Anubis was born, knowing that he was lefteyed after his mother Nephthys, but he was initially confused because he could not image the righteyedness of his supposed father Set, there was an uncleanliness about his image as the image of his father, imaging the lefteyedness
of his father's brother Osiris.

Anubis was like a shadow between the right eye imaging the left as well as the other way around.
But as Anubis pondered his origins, he came across his grandparents testimony and it dawned upon him, that the ever repeating generations of the cleanly sexed oneeyednesses could be made impure in stopping the generations going on and on infinitely.
Anubis as the cipher 9 and Hathor in the cipher 6 then become the 'unclean' read bisexual sexes in Noah's ark (see below).

1.Keter or Crown is the Khu of the Spirit and the 'Tree of Life as Djed or Phallus of Osiris'
2.Hokmah or Wisdom is the Ab of the Heart and 'Throne of Isis'
3.Binah or Intelligence is the Sahu of the Masculine in the 'EyeMirror of Horus'
4.Hesed or Love is the Ba or Soul of the 'Sistrum of Bast'
5.Gevurah or Power is the Ibis or Mind of the 'Caduceus of Thoth'
6.Tiferet or Beauty is the Sekhem of the Feminine in the 'EyeMirror of Hathor'
7.Nezah or Endurance is the Ka of the Double of the 'Astral Chalice of Nephthys'
8.Hod or Majesty is the Ren or Name of the 'Mason's Tool of Ptah'
9.Yesod or Foundationis the Khaibit or Image of the 'Shadow of Anubis'
10.Malkuth or Kingdom is the Khat or Body and the 'Tree of Death as Yoni or Vulva of Set'

then partitions those ten archetypes into a male, say left stem and a female right stem, parted in a middle stem, centred on the 'unclean sexes' of the 69=96.

The male 'clean-sex' stem is the sequence from top to bottom in: 1-3-5-8-10 and the female 'clean-sex' stem as the series from bottom to top in: 10-7-4-2-(1=1+0=10) as the Kelim of Reshimu.
The middle stem is so given as: 1-6-9-10, with 1 and 10 interchangeable in a rootreduction of 10=1.
One sets the maleness as odd numbers and the femaleness in even numbers; the unlean sexes of 6 and 9 encompassing 7 and 8, which so become interchanged in the male 7 associated with the female Nephthys and the female 8 given to the male Ptah to effect the overall transformation of the 10 of Set=Ar into Har and rendering the dragking Set as 'fake' DragonKing into a real DragonQueen Har for a real DragonKing RaH and as the Tsimtsum of the Tehiru in the Torah.

And so the seven 'clean sexes' are 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8 and the two 'unclean' sexes are 6 and 9; the differentiation being made for the pupose to render the number 10 as a true female, the 0 in between two number 1's, say in: (101binary=5decimal), mirroring the maleness in the femaleness and vice versa; the 'fowls of heaven' defining the bisexuality contained in the undifferentiated twinships.

The symbolism of the 69=96 involves this mirror of being inverted either back to back in 96 or of being inverted face to face in the two 'immutable principles', by whom it was impossible for 'God'
and hence the 'AntiGod' or 'Dog' to lie, coded in Hebrews.6.18.
Mirroring 6 in a vertical mirror, either left or right results in a reflected numeral 6, which is however an inverted 9 in a reflection about a horizontal mirror either above or below the cipher 6.
So a double-reflection, once vertical and once horizontal transforms the 6 into the 9 or vice versa and so 69=96 represent the mechanism by which God's purpose of the 10-tiered unification is accomplished.
The numbers 66 or 999 etc. only transform the 6's into 9's and the 9's into 6's and do not achieve the desired aim of using two in one to mirror the one in the two."

1=A/Spirit of Osiris as Khu; 10=J/Body of Set as Khat; 19=S/Winged Disk of RahaR;

2=B/Heart of Isis as Ab; 11=K/Fire of Nephthys' Duamutef; 20=T/Twinship of TefnutShu;

3=C/Body of Horus as Sahu; 12=L/Air of Ptah's Qebhsnuf; 21=U/Sphinx Harmakhis' GebNut;
4=D/Soul of Bast as Ba; 13=M/Water of Seshat's Imsety; 22=V/Maat's Scarab as Khepera;

5=E/Mind of Thoth as Ibis; 14=N/Earth of Anubis' Hapi; 23=W/Pyramid of Thoth;

6=F/Power of Sekhem as Hathor 15=O/Sirius of Hathor; 24=X/Sekhmet's Ankh as Sekhem;

7=G/Chalice of Nephthys as Ka; 16=P/Lotus of Isis's Elements; 25=Y/NutGeb's YoniPhallus;

8=H/Name of Ptah as Ren; 17=Q/Crook & Flail of Horus; 26=Z/ShuTefnut's PhallusYoni;

9-series: 9=I/Shadow of Anubis as Khaibit; 18=R/Uraeus of Thoth; 27=A*/RaH as HaR.

The separation of the sexes in three generations reduces to a unity expressed in that fourth generation, with Shu=Horus-Ptah and Geb=Anubis-Thoth and Rah=Osiris-Set, mirrored in Tefnut=Hathor- Sekhmet and Nut=Bast-Seshat-Maat and Har=Isis-Nephthys.

The unity of Rah now allows both the rigtheyedness of Set and the lefteyedness of Osiris to become expressed in the same relativity of Rah, effectively doubling 'himself' as 'herself' and allowing Ra's old
image of Apep to become transformed into the Har of Isis-Nephthys and redeeming Set, renamed as Seth in the process of completing the triune lovematches of RahHar, TefnutShu and GebNut; then expressed in the archetypical couplings of:
CHOX= 3+8+15+24=50=Horus+Ptah+Hathor+Sekhmet; DEIM=4+5+9+13=31=4=Bast+Thoth+Anubis+Seshat.

And to those 12 archetypes we add the two dualities of TefnutShu and GebNut for a total of 14.

The 13 missing Osirian pieces so become the letters A, (as Rah),F,K,L,N,P,Q,R,S,V,W,Y,Z and as exactly half of the alphabet, mirrored in the available identities as shadow identities and with the Goddess Maat being identical to Bast in the 4-series, but differentiated in Seshat as 13=1+3=4."

Genesis.7.1-3: "And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.
Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth."

The Egyptian mythology as described here, is nothing but the Jewish Kabbalah of Ein-Sof, as the
Hebrew mysticism in the Pentateuch, the first five books of Moses in the old testament of the Torah."

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