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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Bahh, it's the second time I rewrite this. I didn't know there was a timeout that swoops everything away for you if you take too long. Now I've learned something new. Lesson learned!

I'll try to quote a quote here so I hope it works.

Text in:
WHITE = Sollve [#1249]
RED = Abraxa's reply [#1252]
GREEN = Sollve's reply to Abraxa's reply

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Originally Posted by Sollve
Dear Fallen ones,

I find this interesting. Does this mean you take on the caretaking role regardless the need of the angelic human to be taken cared of, or is this a choice of free will.

I take this to be a question, dear Sollve, dear Uplifted One!

Oh, thank you dear Abraxa! Is there perhaps a itti, bitti, tiny touch of irony there? Or is it just pure LOVE?

It is exactly as said, just as a mother would treat her newborn baby, which doesn't know what to do.
If you are a mother then you should know, if not ask someone who is a mother.

I'm not a mother, I'm a father. As a father I know that I would be stupid to think that I know better what my child needs than the child itself. I raise my child/children with the belief that it's actually me who can learn from the him/her/them. Is this the way you do it as well and is it a choice of free will on the behalf of the child? I am talking about the Angelic Human of NOW, not the future hybradized dragon human.

My mind tells me two outcomes of this tender caretaking business. Either the humans who don't want to be eaten and hybridized by red dragons or any other kind of dragons by free will, will be put in concentration camps a.k.a. under the wings of "caretakers" and if the millions upon millions of non hybridized humans still resist the indoctrinations of the care takers, what happens then? My guess is that the humans will be battered around until they do. Is this correct?

There are no concentration camps on Thuban; we do not eat humans; we do hybridize them though to harmonise the hybridizations and manipulations which have restricted the human genome hitherto and beginning say 208,000 years ago.

Restricted in what way? Can you specify? Who put the restriction in our genome? Why?

About eating humans. In post #714 you mention this. Have you changed your mind? Have you said anything after that post that contradicts what you said in that post? Can you honestly say that that post is just rubbish and doesn't contain any truth at all?

Why do you need to hybridize the humans into dragon humans when you could just take away the restrictions if you feel such an urge to help us.

Would you undergo genetic hybridization if someone told you to do so? Have you considered the possibility that it might be harmonizing to the universe if dragons were hybradized? Say all dragons humanized into 'StarHumans' with us as caretakers?

Do you think Dragons are genetically more perfect / fulfilled than humans? If so, why are there anything else but dragons out there? Wouldn't every single being not allready a dragon ask to become one by own free will if this was the case?

In what way are the Dragons more evolved than us? Except perhaps the technological knowledge? In what way would the Universe as ONE benefit from US being dragonized?

So you are right now a hybridized Sollve and we dragons are able, as genetic engineers, to correct the 'damages' done in your 'Fall' into the low density vibratory field of the Gaian planetary consciousness memeplex.

What are the damages and why would the damages be reparied by becoming dragonized? I'm sure that if you are about to fix something you must surely know what is wrong and what the result is from this being wrong in a bigger picture. Are we hurting someone by our faults in our DNA? What is the purpose from a holistic point of view? What makes you go to such lenghts trying to 'help' us out with our genome?

Why won't you let us evolve without interference. I'm sure the eventual faults and errors in our genome will fix themselves in time. I don't want your help because I believe I can heal myself. Will you allow me to be ME as in I AM of NOW?

The other way around would be that the humans that don't want to be dragon Halflings and thereby be stolen of their angelic heritage would actually be allowed to govern the universe from a creative and loving perspective, the way it was always meant to be. How could possibly a hybridized human be better than the original?

As said elsewhere, the humanoid morphotype required hybridization to render the 'evolving' humanoid UNIQUE amongst the other lifeforms of the Caenozoic geological earth. Without this ET interference, the human variability in genotype would have continued (like Indian and African Elephants today, there existed numerous Australopithecine branches {Afarensis, Africanus, Boisei, Robustus,...} so 4 million years ago) and the cosmos would NOT have access to a MASTER-TEMPLATE called HUMAN.
You Sollve would NOT then exist as a unique individuation of the Prime Creator.

But I do EXIST now, I'm happy with that. Why aren't you? As a unique individuation of the Prime Creator, wouldn't it be up to the Prime Creator to make changes to SELF? If SELF thought SELF needed to change, is it not up to SELF to make that CHANGE? Why would SELF point out YOU to do SELF's work? Please help me understand!

So the ET interference was necessity to allow the 'fallen Sollve ancestors' to eventually become this master blueprint for ALL cosmic ETs and from the most primal stock possible.

I don't understand this. Here you say that WE are the master blueprint for everyone? Do you mean that every species wants to use us for their own hybridz, because we can help everyone to evolve? If this is the case, why do you need to take over humanity and the planet? If we don't want you to do this, will you fight us and kill if necessary to still get what you want? Or will you just allow us to evolve the way we want to without interference?

What exactly do you want? You want to make this planet yours, you want to hybradize humans into something else, you want to put dragons as our caretakers. This truly does not sound like a world I want to be in. Will there be any alternatives for those who don't comlpy with this agenda of the dragons?

It is only this most elementary form, which was deemed suitable to BECOME the cosmic masterrace and then AS an ancestor for ALL ET races in the Gaian lifeform associations.

Allright.. The Gaian lifeforms.. Do you mean Gaia as in 3D Earth?

If we are the cosmic masterrace.. Why would you want to hybradize the original humans? Isn't it enough to create hybrids to evolve your own species? If we are the masterpiece, wouldn't it be more fair to allow us to evolve on our own and by doing that allowing other species to make their own hybrids with the help from us?

This is the situation with the higherD ETs. THEY chose NOT to 'fall' into the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia; BUT chose to support their own evolutionary agendas in HYBRIDISATION with that most primitive stock.

But are they trying to take over the most primordial incarnational energy realm called Gaia. If you destroy or change the most primordial stock, what is then left for others to evolve from/with? Dragonized hybrids? That doesn't sound fair to anyone. If they wanted some dragon DNA, my guess is that they would come to you in the first place if that was the case.

How could your so called star human ever be what the human was meant to be from the beginning?

This is what I am trying to explain to you in the above. The human morphogenetics will be like a master template a 'Morphogenetic Field' for the Cosmos, as Rupert Sheldrake would say.

Again, do you mean the dragonized human morphogenetics or the original 'as intended from the beginning' human morphogenetics.

We are meant to stop wars and find new ways, new creative ways to make peace. We are meant to save worlds, galaxies, universes and to help every single being to be sovereign in its own being, without the need for care takers. We are the creative force and upholders of universal love and free will. When allowed to show our inner beings, We are LOVE. We are INSPIRATION. How can anyone possibly think that we are better off as hybrids?

One day you will understand the relative 'sillyness' of your question here.
Now I state 'sillyness' not stupidity - be careful how you choose to judge or interpret my words. Thubans DO NOT JUDGE, they OBSERVE what works and what does not work in the greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation.

Works according to who? The Thuban Council? I find it very hard to believe that the Thuban Council is speaking on behalf of the rest of the universe or even the relatively small world of humans. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Who is according to the Thuban Council governing Earth today? Do we have a Draconian government or is it governend by the Zeta-Reticuli's? Who do you think have the most influence today? Could you elaborate on this regarding how this has changed during the years and what will happen in the years to come regarding governence. Will you work together with someone else or do you, the dragons plan on governing earth and mankind all by yourself in the long run?

In the greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation? Again, according to who? Can you state who supports YOUR idea of this greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation and is there any way for you to elaborate on this? Who else supports this view? From where did this particular greater context of a galactic-cellular civilisation arrive from?

Without ET-hybridisation, you would not have any analytical abstract ability now. It is this which differentiates you from your common ancestry with the great apes.

So you, Sollve could not type intelligently on your computer, where you not right now a Human-ET hybrid.

Sure, but what's the need for you to hybridize us further? Why, in plain text do you want to do this? What do you gain from this?

We as hybrids are only beneficial to our so called ‘wanna be’ care takers. For thousands of years we have been suppressed, not allowed to grow the way we should. Allow us to show our true selves and we will be the care takers of the universe, just as we are intended to be.

Has it really come to this?

You, like many, are an emotional human who is prone to judgements and preemtors, without exercising your faculties of reason and rationality.

Does the Thuban Council think that the human emotion is something that needs to be altered with in the hybridization process? How will it be altered? Will the human emotions be strengthened or weakend in the hybrids? Or altered in any other way?

Perhaps you should consider the wisdom of my avatar.

I wasn't aware of flaming anyone. Are you on fire?

It has shown from time to time that our hearts can't be enslaved. Is the only step left for the fallen angels to enslave us and make us do their will, to actually take away our uniqueness in some kind of hybridization program?

What do you know of fallen angels; do you understand that YOU are a fallen angel?

Please elaborate on this! What is your definition of a Fallen Angel? Please also elaborate on the fact that I AM a fallen angel.

Well I guess it's your loss in the long run. One can't help the one who don't want to be helped.

If someone wants to change what is already perfect, the only reason to do so must be to lower that perfectness beneath the perfectness of themselves in order to raise their own perfectness. For example if I'm the second or third tallest man on earth. The only way for me to be the tallest man is to either shrink the ones above me or eliminate them or to actually grow taller. To grow is the only acceptable alternative as the other alternatives includes the sacrifice of others.

In this case you would actually need to accept the fact to be second or third or whatever you see yourself as. We don't look at races or beings as being superior to others. We see them all at their full potential and with the ability to grow to where we are. We are designed to set an example of what can be done and to show the rest what their full potential is all about. You shouldn't look upon us as a threat. We are designed to help and if you don't want to evolve past your current limits, you don't need to. Maybe it's possible for us to build you a playground of your own choice where you can't hurt anyone and certainly not being able to hijack other beings for your own purposes.

So you are already aware of your cosmic design Sollve; if you are then you would not ask the questions you ask, because you would fathom your design.

Do you mean that I don't mean what I'm writing? Do you mean that I should just accept to be altered with by anyone wanting to do so? It's one thing to observe and use what you see and learn to make yourself better. It's a whole different thing to change and devour in the same process. I don't see why the first one needs to be folloed by the second. Please elaborate on how you justify that behavior.

We are here to help whenever you are ready!

For love and unity throughout the universe!


You are helping the cosmic evolution in great honour and sincerity Sollve; one day you shall understand and socialise with Dragons in some Bar upon Thuban.

I believe I understand dragons as of this NOW and I'm looking forward to share a drink on a bar in Thuban with you or any of your beloveds. I'm just hoping I'm observant enough to not be lured into any kind of hybridization process because I want to be me in that bar. For all I know what you label as 'StarHuman' might just be another name for 'StarDust'. Or is it perhaps the 'OldHuman' who falls into that cathegory?

What would dragons prefer most? Sitting in a bar socializing with an Angelic Original Human or socializing with a pile of StarDust?

Shalom from the DragonDen

Before you point your finger at ME about using WE. WE are ALL who resonate with ME.

ME=WE also on Thuban - after our master templar Emmanuel Melchisedec E.M.=WE.

Sorry, I don't know him...
I'm looking forward to hear from you again my busy friend!


I forgot to ask you what you can tell us anything about these:

Just curious!

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