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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
That quote from Jesus above does not explain a thing to me in the context it was given.

Lionhawk, I am not a happy bunny now because you have bowed out and it looks like I will not get any answers to exactly what and who this Abrax person is (besides being a Phd in string theory) and what Gaia group he is representing.

I am sorry LH I am obviously too dumb to get the clues, I was very curious.

Abrax, it would be nice if you did not quote Jesus in threads and call him a master templar in another, I am sure the ascended master is not happy himself with that.

That's all.
But Jesus IS the Master-Templar of Thuban dear ellie.
You may ask himher in any form or manner if shehe is offended by that labeling - and it is just one labeling of many appropriate from the Thuban perspective.

Jesus IS the REAL lightbringer=LUCIFER manifesting the archetype of the metaphysics. This is explained in my quotation of Beren's post today.
For simlicity and/or synchronicity and/or coincidence:

J=10; E=5; S=19; U=21; S=19 for a total of 74.
L=12; U=21; C=3; I=9; F=6; E=5; R=18 for a total of 74.

This is one of the reasons why the Council of Thuban uses the Greek-Christian version of Jesus and not a hebrew version like Yeshua or Yeshuah or Yehoshuah.
We do use Emmanuel Melchizedek as EM=WE sometimes however in a similar nomenclature.


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