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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by 5thElement View Post
Hello Abraxas,

I briefly visited your website as well as watching this ever-growing thread - you are one busy guy!

I have one question that I am hoping you can shed some light on....

All of my life I have shied away from any religion or spirituality that has a foundation that you must "do, believe, act, look like, be born into, etc" in any specific fashion in order to be "saved, redeemed, spared, evolve, ad nauseam".

This includes having to "know or understand" secret, sacred or complex knowledge that is only available to the "followers". You do state that the knowledge you are attempting to impart with this thread is truly available to all but that we may not be currently able to understand it. However, you also state that only a very few will be able to utilize it to "ascend" to a better place/space ( reminds me of a rapture type statement). Once again - how is that possible if we are all ONE? How is it fair if a majority of the beings we share this world with do not even have the ability to see this information? ( I am not just directing this towards you - it is my "own problem" with this type of material) Most of the information is not translated, it would have no frame of reference for someone not familiar with Judeo-Christian teachings, people who experience developmental disabilities, illiteracy, who are blind, under educated etc. so how can it be the only way? I just do not believe that any "way" that limits it's audiences ability to truly participate and/or promises it's audience that they are (or could be) the only ones, thus creating seperation from their fellow beings - is NOT the WAY.

Ok - so there were a few questions there
Dear 5th Element!

My reply to hippihill answers much of your query in a very easy to understand manner.
Now the core of your question is related to the ONENESS relating to the 'mechanics' of the ascension or such labeling.

There is NO RESTRICTION to any sentience and consciousness in the universe; however to understand this ONENESS you speak of, is not an easy manner to grasp in the words and linguistics utilized by the individual considering himherself as separated from this Oneness.

Yes, it is a trouble of language and of words.

So allow me to give you a metaphor, akin the peach of hippihillbobbi.

There you are just having stumbled and hit your toe on a rock.

In technical details, a local disturbance in the equilibria of your circulatory autonomous bodysystems activates.
Nerve messages are sent to your brain to inform other systems to 'repair the damage' to blood vessels in your traumatized toe.

Cellular mitosis replaces damages tissues undr microbiological interaction and communication systems engaging endocrine glands (chakras) and neuronal and blood circulation conduits.
Then further zooming in, will display molecular transformations and then the waveform interactions of subatomic criteria.

So how much complexity of finestructure can you handle with your educational data base?!
You can study at some academic institution for 5 years to become familiar with the semantics and terminology to say explain and model the biochemistry of the molecular level of a traumatized toe.

But there you are and your body hurts ALL OVER, because of the trauma experienced by your toe.

So you experience as a ONENESS as a UNITY, despite the trauma being localized in your toe.

So in other words; as WE all are ONE on some very deep and basically unfathomable plane; if ANYONE is able to 'ascend' THEN by definition ALL have ascended with that One.

Now you KNOW who the ONE who has ascended is.
Because HESHE has ascended in the ONENESS, YOU also have already ascended with that one.
You just aren't AWARE of this yet - and the VEIL=EVIL of the 4D-5D spacetime mirror is the cause of this.

His disciples said to him: When will the resurrection of the dead take place, and when will the new world come?"
He said to them: "That resurrection which you are awaiting has already come, but you do not recognize it."


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