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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Hi everyone --

I'd like to thank Anchor and MyPlanet2 for their wise words and harmonizing vibrations. Discussing multiple facets of an issue should always be a vital ingredient in our authentic spiritual growth, as long as it's done with mutual respect ..... with care to honor one another's divine essence. Thank you not only for reminding us of this truth but also for so beautifully modelling it for us.


A few more questions from me:

1) i think i may have asked something along these lines earlier in the thread, so forgive me if i just haven't quite gotten it yet. What i'd like to ask about is the necessity of acquiring esoteric (often "secret") knowledge, as well as embracing what some may call "new-age" or "occult" spiritual practices (lucid dreaming, astral travel, chakra-cleansing, etc.) to the prospect of a successful "ascension" to 4th/5th dimension. IOW, what if you've never read any "esoteric" texts outside mainstream theology (of any stripe), or ever consciously attempted any of the above-mentioned types of spiritual exercises ....... but you DO try to love God, yourself, your neighbor (including your enemy) and your planet as well as you can ....... and you DO maintain an active "relationship" with what you perceive as God, the Source, the Creator of all that is, trusting innately in Her/His intimate love for yourself and each particle of the universe ..... is this ENOUGH to raise the 3-d vibrational frequency of the person to enable his/her Ascension?

Dear hippihill!

Consider your own body and your life. There you are, walking around doing the cooking or the shopping or the socialising.
In certain moment you ponder what is my life, how does this work and why am I so vulnerable in this body, requiring air to breathe and blood to flow with a beating heart.

Curious, you might study medicine or biochemistry and you can learn more and more how things interact, molecular chemistry, organic chemistry, solid state physics and anatomical taxonomy.

You learn all these things, yet you function quite well without knowing the details. You so can reduce your complexity of understanding how things work to the simplicity of just being you, alive and under the 'control' of a sort of automatic pilot.

This automatic pilot becomes your 'trust in God', can you see? And this was ok for a while in the great cycles of the universe and when the evolution of many systems approached what is called a nexus point or say a 'punctuated equilibrium' (Stephen Jay Gould).

But at this nexus point things and relative to the 'automatic pilot' CAN indeed change and the entire system of complex organisation can become RESET.
This is what is happening now and the 'automatic pilot' or the 'trust in God' or 'Trust in Nature's Laws' has become subject to redefinition.

This is why many New Age sources proclaim, that the 'ascension' is general and all will participate; though some will find the transitions difficult to process on various levels.

2) I'm curious about "saintly" people who have died in the modern era, e.g., Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Padre Pio, etc. Have they "ascended" yet, or are they waiting for the general Harvest in 2012, or what?

Most of the 'dead ones' are in the astral (6D), continuing their evolutions on the mental planes, before in some manner reincarnating into physicality.

{Reincarnation is a Cosmic Law and not Individual in linearity, meaning that once dead you can 'come back' in multiple versions of yourself in that linearity}.

Some of the 'dead ones', the ones who have been more able to process their MENTAL evolution COUPLED to physical embodiment could penetrate further into the etheric (9D).

NOONE, except Jesus of Nazareth has 'ascended' beyond the 9th dimension. Jesus was in the 10th dimension for 1976 years and is now both 'ascended' as the 11th MirrorD and has descended into the 5th MirrorD.
The Mirror Dimensions are 5D, 8D and 11D and physically manifested in 2D.

3) In several places on this thread you have stated that we each must "eat Jesus," and the last time you referred to this you even said "eat Jesus physically" (or something like that). I doubt you were saying that we should all participate in a Eucharistic liturgy, as do Catholics, Episcopalians and Lutherans who believe Jesus to be TRULY PRESENT in the bread and wine. So -- could you describe (again, i guess!) exactly how we are to "eat Jesus physically?"

Thank you as always, Abraxas.

The Christian churches have served a very important part in their REMEMBRANCE of Jesus in the ritual of the Eucharist.
They have got the archetype 'right' but have failed generally to discern what their rituals mean.

The Eucharist of the 'eating' of Jesus is to BECOME infused by the resurrected waveform of Jesus. It is a form of POSSESSION; but more from the Heart as a NEW CORE COSMIC IDENTITY of and for yourself.

Think of a peach being your body - but without a core.
Not having a core, of course the peach would not exist as it could not grow from its seed.
But this is the INCOMPLETE creation (encoded in the Pauline letters) of your disease prone body.
You are born and develop a strong and healthy young body. You are full of vitality and life, but have little experience and wisdom.
Then from say the mid-twenties you are starting to age and lose your earlier vitality, but you gain in wisdom and life experience.
When you are old and brittle, your body begins to fall apart and all of your wisdom and life experience sems to disappear in your physical death.

To change this UNFAIR state of affairs: WHY can't a Wise Old Mind Experienced Person not have a Young Vibrant Body to live in? -something in the INCOMPLETE Creation needs to become COMPLETED.

This then becomes the 'eating of Jesus' to partake in his resurrection. Heshe MUST become the SEED as the core in your body as the kernel of the peach.
Remember he said: "I am the Resurrection and the Life. NOONE can come to the Father, but by me."

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