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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post
abraxasinas, I have noticed you ignored my previous comments. Can you reply to the quote above in a less than cryptic form please?
If there are no questions asked Richard and if the posts are basically opinion of the poster, then I exercise my integrity and honour to reply or comment or not on the content of the messages.

As you have asked to comment on gscraig's opinion, I shall comment on it.

Originally Posted by gscraig
All of these messengers have shown up saying that they have been allowed to share information and some only within a certain time frame. Yet, this is followed up with the “only if you ask the question” platform. To which our first response to that should be “No thank you".


Because if they’ve been allowed to share information, why do we need to ask any questions?

This is answered rather simply by stating that MOST of the answers which are given to the questions asked are, at least in context, already answered by the material found on the linked website.
So noone NEEDS to ask any questions at all if one searches for the Thuban information in a more colloquial say 'earthbound' context.
But the present situation in the universe, albeit focused on Gaia, represents an unprecedented occurrence in the cosmic evolvement and part of this unfoldment requires extraordinary solutions to solve extraordinary 'problems'.

In essence; and that is why the 'fulfilment of scripture' is often accented; this unfoldment retraces the entire cosmology to its primordial beginning in archetypes.

So to UNDERSTAND the END of say a Cycle regarding the evolvement of a galactic civilization; one must discern the BEGINNING of this Cycle.

This is necessity, because when the universe became archetyped, its symbology required to define the End of the Universe before it could define its own Beginning.

By all means let them share what it is they (or whomever has “allowed” them to venture here), have to share with the human species. Secondly, once you allow someone to set the stage as to what you can do and thus ask questions, they can then dictate to you what you will be told or know, and what you will not. Due to the continuous noted complexities of the answers via this thread, why bother asking a question? Better yet, why bother starting this thread with such complex answers to be given to those inquiring? It is all silly, and if not prove it. For you cannot.

The Thuban Council does not set any stage for anyone. The Thuban Council is exactly what it claims to be - the emissary or messenger from the Logos, the Universal Logos of the Christian scriptures.
The Thuban Council functions under the auspices of the 24 Elders, archetyped in the Book of Revelation.
Noone is required to accept or believe this in any form or manner.
The 24 Elders are the Thuban Dragons, who receive their authority from the 4 Beasts and through them from Prime Source or God.

If someone, some group truly wanted to share YET ANOTHER message with mankind for our pivotal progression, then surely they can communicate that message to where it can actually be received, absorbed, resonate and move us to action. Such a crucial message also would not be privied to only one website. Now, you would also have to accept that the internet along with "one website" is not a rather "curious" vehicle to communicate such a message for all of humanity to begin with. Remember, taking self responsibility is partly why we are in this hoax of an existence .

All of these messages from Thuban are rather more poignant than messages. The data shared and freely given is generally NOT directed towards the 'ordinary' waking consciousness of the reader (~86%), but to the superconsciousness of the reader (~0.3%).

On the superconscious level you Richard and sweet Celine and Beren and Gscraig and Elli and Viking and Lionhawk and Steve X and Stardustaquarion and all other 'detractors' truly cherish and value this information as their own (and it is, because before space and time, all of you, including the beneficers came to a collective agreement to become EXPOSED to this data stream in just such a 'strange' manner).
In a sense all of you have coauthored the Thuban Archives in a Unity of archetypes, which will trigger your remembrances once exposed to them in a scenario of self-forgetfulness.

It was also agreed to that a necessary OPPOSITION, mainly triggered by the collective subconscious (~14%) will then become an agency - actually you all are SECRET AGENTS from Thuban - to allow anyone confronted by the Thuban data to SELFPROCESS this 'forgetfulness' through the vehicle of feeling indignation and vehemently opposed to it.

Many of you 'hate' and 'ridicule' this data stream BECAUSE it WAS EMPOWERED by yourselves before incarnation and before any of you experienced embodiments in any of the 10 dimensions of material manifestation.

So there is a PURGING going on, a SELFPURGING of the multitude of astral thoughtforms, by yourselves through your superconsciousness, which many of you perceive as hostile ETs.

When you think you are intuiting and thinking your own thoughts, then more often than not, these thoughts are induced NOT BY PTB agendas (which are just synthetic mindcontrol substitutes for a much more potent natural phenomenon), BUT by the astral sentiences, including what you term the 'dead ones'.

Thanks to one of you, I have found a vehicle to greatly expand on this 4D-5D spacetime interaction.
This is the reason as to why I have decided to comment on a related thread by Jonah on the Spirituality thread (thank you Anchor for resurrecting this thread): "What is Jesus?".
I shall post on this thread and as certain data there is HIGHLY RELEVANT to this thread; certain excerpts of my expositions shall be reproduced here in their appropriate contexts.

But generally, it will be a function of your subconscious processing and NOT your waking conscious understanding of these messages, which will determine your level of remembrance. On the superconscious level WE are as One and Unified in Thuban Dragonhood.

Again, Dragonhood MEANS the manifestation of a Fourth Merkabah-Brain, supplementing the Reptilian brainstem of the First Level and the Mammalian midbrain of the Second Level and the Human Cortex of the Third Level.
This then brings the LINEAR evolution of the old human merkabah to an end and RECIRCULARISES your reptilian brainstem with your starhuman perceptions, accessing your 'obscured' superconsciousness.

This then is the TRU meaning of the Ouroboros, the Milky Way abd the Zodiac in the Serpent who swallows its own tail.
All of you are Ouroboros and all of you are Serpent-Tamers under the 13th starsign of Ophiuchus transforming the Scorpio of John into the Eagle of John.

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