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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


I'm going to tell you something and it will come across as quite rude. I'll apologise for that now but here me out.

This abrax guy uses words and language in a way that you are not familiar with. What he actually writes is eloquent GIBBERISH. I can tell you now that the reason he does that is to baffle you with bull ****. 2,3,4 syllable words do not make an IQ. He may have a better command of the English language than some here but, I can assure you,much of it is just contextual rubbish. Much of what he writes does not say or explain anything. It's just big ol beguiling words to confuse, evade or side step.

Unfortunately friend, you have been beguiled. The "baffle you with bull ****" has given you an impression that this geezer is an intellectual. It's only language used in a confusing way. His game, his rules and his experience.

Edit You are no less a person for being covered in snake oil.

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