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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Until you confront a real one you will never KNOW. If you do ever have that experience, you are going to be sifting through the data is your britches and it will be to late then. You want all the data, get all the data. Get the real data. The data that isn't written in plain site for you to see. Anyone can be spoon fed with data.

Since when does somebody have the Authority to speak on someone's behalf without any supporting documentation? That's like me saying I can speak for a Mod here at the forum when I have no authority to do so. Just because Abrax here has this so called authority from this council, doesn't mean he has the authority to speak for Jesus. As we all know that the bible was edited and reedited how many times, by TPTB in the first place. So that is why he is using the bible because it was actually taken control over by the Dracs. It serves their purpose and I know that the "data" has been twisted to exploit.

144,000 were chosen. = false = Bible
144,000 must choose. = true = What Jesus actually said.

When Jesus said to find the truth, one must go with in and not with out. Meaning everything you want to know is within you already. The without means that you won't find that truth on the outside of self ie not with out. How much data does one need to make sense of that?

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