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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

1981 London-

Kate and I travel from Canada to London. We now live in a two bedroom flat in Finchley London. I attend Chal-Grove school in the area. This is a Jewish school. One afternoon after school I am picked up by two men in a car outside the school. I sit in the back seat and one of the men turns around and gives me a cup of water with a pill to take. I do this and he says something like "Bluebirds don't hear, see or speak". We drive through London, onto a motorway and end up driving through countryside. We pull up to an army base with high fences and the gate opens. I am told to lay down and not look out of the window, which I do. It appears we are entering this base from a back entrance. There are lot of tall trees in the area. I feel us drive into a building and I am allowed to sit back up. We are now driving down a two lane road that slopes downwards in an underground tunnel. We drive down here for a while and stop at a underground car park. Two secuirty booths are in front of us, with the barriers that are manned by security guards in the booths ( to let vehicles go deeper underground ). A miltary truck is parkd to the left. A group of around 15 children are huddled to the right in a group with military officers guarding them. The children all have blankets wrapped around them. I am taken out of the car and handed a blanket. I am taken to the other children. There is a door on the left and a woman comes out wearing an office type skirt and white shirt. She is in her mid thirties with blondish hair- I've seen her somewhere before. She leads us through the door and into a corridor. We walk past some large room on the right that houses hardware and through a door in front of us into a classroom. Desks are here and we are told to be seated. The woman wheels a trolley around and places parts of plastic geometrical shapes on our desks. She then tells us to put them together and tells us we have one minute. She starts a stopwatch and says go. We all do what she says and she comes round and with a clipboard marking the results. A camera is postioned in the top right of the room and she then looks up to it and nods. I feel guilty about that happens next for some reason. Guys in black military uniforms rush in through a door on the right and start to drag of out of seats. Very unexpected and we are screaming and crying. Gurneys and waiting outside in the hall ( this is the opposite side of the room which we entered the room in ) and are strapped in to them. We are wheeled down a long hallway to the left of us and injected with drugs on the way. We pass large rooms on the right. Metal seats like dentists chairs are in these rooms, it looks like parts of the seats are made of steel. We come to a two large swinging doors and are wheeled in to a large room let up with infrared. This is some kind of animal housing place with rows of cages on the right hand side that go down for quite a long way into darkness. I can see dogs are wolves in the first lot of cages and can hear birds and down further. A elevator is situated on the left hand side as you enter the room and past the life on the left is a row of computer consols with people sitting in front of them ( about four or five ). We are unstrapped from the gurneys and told to stand in front of the first cage. There is some of alsatian dog or wolf in this cage. It is barking at us aggressively. The woman hangs some multicoloured 'spirals' on the wall to the right. Each is a different colour. She tells us to each pick one. We do and she asks us who has dark purple. A little girl in the group says she does and the woman nods to one of the men in black uniform.

The following data is important to understand the larger picture of what happens next. I was always confused why benevolent factions in the intelligence commuinity would spend all the time and effort rescueing and healing us, just to be snatched again the moment I entered the UK. All the rescued children were monitered 24 hours a day by this working group. It was understood however that visits to military bases would happen and that everything that happened in these places could not be controlled 100%. The underground carpark at thhis base was used by various factions both good and bad ( considered a neutral zone- not completely safe but relatively safe ). Basically this was not like the facility in the Canadian mountians ( they could do whatever they wanted to us at the Canadian cognitive conditioning base ). It turned out later that one of guards in black uniforms was undercover for the working group to make sure most of us made it out alive. A few years later in Reading I was visited by a member of the working group in Reading hospital ( more about this later ). I asked him how they could just stand there and let the what followed in 1981 happen. He said something about the "greater good", a concept I would only became aware of later.
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