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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Majestic-12 special operations manual

Extraterrestrial entities and technology, recovery and disposal


Warning! This is a TOP SECRET- MAJIC EYES ONLY document containing compartmentalized information essential to the national security of the United States. EYES ONLY ACCESS to the maerial herein is strictly limited to personnel possessing MAJIC-12 CLEARANCE LEVEL. Examination or use by unauthorized personnel is strictly forbidden and is punishable by federal law.



1. Scope

This manual has been prepared especially for Majestic-12 units. Its purpose is to present all aspects of Majestic-12 so authorised personnel will have a better understanding of the goals of the Group, be bale to more expertly dael with Unidentified Flying Objects, Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities, and increase the efficiency of future operations.

2. General

MJ-12 takes the subject of the UFOBs, Extraterrestrial Technology and Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities very seriously and considers at the entire subject to eb matter of the very highest national security. For that reason everything related to the subject has been assigned the very highest secuirty classification


21. Scope

a. This section deals with encounters with living Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs). Such encounters fall under the jurisdiction of MJ-12 OPNAC BBS-01 and will be dealt with by this special unit only. This section details the responsibilities of persons or units making intial contact.

22. General

Any encounter with entities known to be of extraterrestrial origin is to be considered to be a matter of national security and therefore classiified TOP SECRET. Under no circumstances is the general public or public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatues do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is not engaged in any study of extraterrestrials or their artifacts. Any deviation from this sated policy is absolutely forbidden.

24. Isolation and Custody

a. EBE'S will be detained by whatever means are necessary and removed to a secure location as soon as possible.

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