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Originally Posted by jaby View Post
Yes...I wish they'd get the 'unlimited food' thing invented! That was listed in the first minute of the four and a half hour Rodin video on Vortex Mathematics......
Well torsion is based on the spin of an atom, or an object, the rotation of it. Increasing the rotation is the same in terms of speed as in a linear motion, but it is circular, which generates gravity. But in this, if you relate this to the experiment DW mentioned in Divine Cosmos, if the torsion fields are increased to a certain point, then the spacetime continuum will be inverted, aka the object which was a pyramid disappears from our perspective in this reality as I would assume that means the object reaches the speed of light. Time has been shown to be affected by torsion fields. So using the same concepts within this experiment, while refining it with some of Ed's work (using his magneto from a Ford model T which was designed by John Keely), you can speed up time and cause the plant to grow at a tremendous rate. I think this would work best if you do this in an aqueous solution (hydroponically) versus soil, with using a UV light, I feel you could indeed accelerate growth a tremendous amount. Wow, I just thought of that all right now. I think I just thought of one bad ass science experiment, and I know just the plant to use it on hehe.
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