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Default Fluoride - An Endangered Element?

Here is a story from personal experience that I would like to share. Perhaps its nothing but I think I may have stumbled upon something here:

I was at the hospital today with my wife and daughter for her final check up before we could take her home. The doctor went through the list of things we should do, on that list (to my pleasant surprise) was to give her vitamin D drops for her immune system, something I do for myself. Also on that list (to my chagrin) was to give her fluoride drops. This is something I'm against, but I didn't give it away. I let him know that we have fluoride in the water in my town, so we don't need drops.

Again, a pleasant surprise, it turns out there isn't Fluoride in the water in my town anymore, or many other smaller towns. This is because there is apparently (according to this doctor) a FLUORIDE SHORTAGE!

Many reading this are likely suspicious of the role fluoride has played in our lives, and of some of its effects which have been reported, usually in alternative health or news circles like this one, which are predominantly negative, and contradictory to what we are led to believe (i.e. that its 'good for you').

I asked my father (also an MD) when we got home about this, and he backed up my stance that fluoride and babies shouldn't really be mixed, that this is "not really done" anymore.

Anyhow, the reason for my post, is to see if anyone else has read or heard about this shortage. The noteworthy point, is that he says many municipalities which previously dosed their water with fluoride are no longer doing this, perhaps because cost is becoming prohibitive if the element is so "rare" now. I had heard nothing about this until today, from the horses mouth (so to speak) and I generally consider myself someone with their "ear to the ground."

If this is true, it may be contributing to the number of people who are "waking up" right now, as fluoride is (in 'popular' consiracy theory, as they will undoubtedly start to call it as such things become more and more obvious to the public) one of the tools used to keep us from thinking too much.


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