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Default Re: Help ! Dealing with my addiction to Project Avalon

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
All in all, its mainly the people here I enjoy the most.

Yes.. Peace of Mind... that is probably the root of my addiction. And it's ironic.. because by the nature of the changes in conscious awareness... it's only natural that the feeling of oneness with those souls at Avalon is proving such a draw. It feels real and it feels worthwhile. How could connecting with people who are searching for internal truth at a deep and loving and spiritual level, not be addictive.. when that is the path I have been following all my life (and wondering why no one else got it ?!) lol.

the aliens and doom and gloom holds its fascination. But as you say, none of it is really provable and most seems flaky. All is subject to editorial bias from those providing the information.

But we can't edit the heart. If we are true to ourselves then what is there is there. And that's where the resonance is occurring. People resonating with people who are not shamming, scamming, leading, scheming, telling, proving, schooling.

Something much more wonderful is going on. Yes count me in for that. Count me in for late nights connecting with other souls and effort of the heart, giving and loving and receiving and resolving duality.

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