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Default Re: Help ! Dealing with my addiction to Project Avalon

I find this site filled with interesting information as well as people. My returns are becoming less frequent because of the lack of evidence in these whistleblowers testimonies. It seems people have become so upset at the way the world is they chose to wait around fantasizing over the next piece of sci-fy information that depicts salvation.

Meditation and the law of attraction is about the only thing I can agree with because I’ve been experiencing the results for years. All of this 2012 stuff, secret societies, aliens and the like is very intriguing but seeing is believing…at least in my case. All my life I’ve had to deal with lies, so until these guys/Whistleblowers prove their stories and stop tampering with the minds of the people they will always come off as attention seekers and manipulators. If you require a fee to share important life altering info, you are hardly a person to be trusted…especially when the info is lacking substance. All in all, its mainly the people here I enjoy the most.

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