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Default Re: Help ! Dealing with my addiction to Project Avalon

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Well, there is no cure for this kind of addiction, Kulapops. I reccomend everyone to accept it as reality and try to make the addiction more easier and pleasurable.
So here are my few general advices:

1. By a new chair, as comfortable as possible..maybe one that can be transformed in a kind of bed;
2. Move your computer desk near to a window, so you will have a contact with reality (you can open it from time to time);
3. Bring the refrigerator next to you, so you can catch it without standing from the chair;
4. The toilet issue still not resolved...perhaps we can think about some kind of diapers or eventually to ask some benevolent ETs how they deal with the problem;
5. Release your pet to be free again...and to care about itself;
6. Make your "hammer" against the trolls; and
7. Say: So, help me God!

PS: Additional measures by other Avalonians are welcomed...
8. Sex life? buy the sex robot (Roxxy) and keep her/him at hand.
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