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Default Re: Help ! Dealing with my addiction to Project Avalon

Thanks DTM for that cartoon. Love Gary Larson... haven't had one of his calendars for a few years...

I love the one with the monster reading the big sign outside the city that says 'YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO ATTACK THE CITY'

Thanks for the video Tango... I've seen that before, is it part of a bigger movie? (I know the film is Network, isn't it? Got given that for christmas! but isn't the overall clip from Zeitgeist or some such?)

Oliver... love the suggestions... yes, before I got stuck here, I was making fresh soups nearly every day... now we're back to tins !

There goes the survival supply !

Yes, notice I'm not criticising Avalon... I love posting here, and reading all your thoughts. We do seem to be sharing an experience. Where else can I come to talk with soooo many who are going through the same process??

So it's not a problem. But it's not like it's going to be all over by Thursday either is it? so I thought it might be nice to have a place where we can come and vent any addiction frustration

Like... "well. I'm on this thread because... well, the cat has been meowing at me for 20 mins now....but just one more post...." and some decent soul can read that and say 'Feed your Cat !!!'

Like we need to be told what to do ? lol....

Ok.. I'm externalising my own issues. I need someone to say to me.... "Go and do the washing up already !! Love ain't gonna do that, honey!"

lol... we're all one remember....

Loves yas... loves me's

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