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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Originally Posted by oxiigen View Post
Hmm, Baron maybe you are right, but I'm surprised that you expect to find The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth on the internet?! Well, at least your post sounds so...

Anyway, all those people that you mentioned are at least more interesting for me than people from the mass media that I am bombarded with on a daily basis...
I would say that Hans Chrisian Andersen's stories are also very interesting, but it doesn't change the fact that these are all fairy-tales. I really wouldn't like to listen to whistleblowers' BS only because it sounds interesting... At least when it comes to mass media we know where they stand and we know what to expect. With whistleblowers it is different..any disinfo here is potentially dangerous too...
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