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Default Re: Steven Greer's statement about UFOs not flying.

Originally Posted by derpif View Post
I think he is alluding to anti gravity. Flying has something to do with wings and aerodynamic lift, anti gravity not. I'm just guessing.
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That would be aerodynamic flight. That is just one type of flight. There are numerous types. Ballistic flight is one example. There is powered and non-powered flight. Balloons are said to "fly" in the common use of the word. Flying is simply the act of traveling through the air (or space) regardless of the means of propulsion. This is certainly always been the definition of the word as used in Unidentified Flying Object. Which by its Unidentified nature cannot presume to make any assumptions about the nature of its propulsion only its behavior, that is to say Flying as opposed to Submerged as in Unidentified Submerged Object (USO).

Given Greer's command of the language I honestly don't think he meant to say "they are not engaged in aerodynamic flight" when he said "and they are not flying". If I'm wrong so be it. I've come to think he meant something else.

I think he has stated before that be believes UFOs are in two categories. Fake nuts and bolts craft complete with robotic aliens made by human beings and the real ones he is in contact with, which he seems to regard as living beings on some higher plane of consciousness. (someone correct me if that isn't so) I think Greer means to say he believes UFOs only appear to be flying, that they are projections into our consciousness of something outside of the 3D framework we experience as reality ...or something of that nature.

Short of someone coming up with a quote from one of his books or talks I don't know how to really get to what he actually meant by that strange (even for him) statement.
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