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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Dear Abraxas,

In channelings like these Mark Huber talks about a 4-tier system of ascension where .5 billion indigos will stay behind in an "inner dimension of Earth" helping to awaken 1 billion people where they will have a time period of about 200 linear years to join the New Earth before the “door” closes. These types of messages about the splitting of worlds brought many questions from people concerned about family members being separated. James the Wingmaker talks about 70 more years until the Grand Portal discovery and yet 2012 is only 2 years away. Could these 70 years be referring to 70 3D years only?

Hi Julissa!

James Wingmaker envisages a 70 year period for terrestrial scientists to discover the 'Grand Portal', the 'irrevokable evidence for the scientific reality of the soul', as he terms it.
I disagree on this in parts, because the 'Grand Portal' is the Logos as a Mirror Function and MUST manifest at the 'Birth of the StarHumanity' in foundational principle. The general availability for this portal and the 'catch up' of the scientific establishment may well require the seven decades as stated by James W. though.

In other words, will the discovery of the Grand Portal happen to the Old Earth and those (supposedly 1.5 billion) who stayed behind? Is 100 years in 3D equivalent to 1 year in 4D? How do the Thubans address this scenario if it indeed has some validity?

Ok, we do not assign much 'validity' to the scenario of Mark Huber in terms of the stated numerics. Noone is 'left behind', once this portal is 'discovered', as the 'discovery' requres its physicalised existence before it can be 'physically' , i.e scientifically acceptably discovered.
1 year in 3D is equivalent to 1 year in 4D; the 4D hyperspacetime does however allow a circular Now Time to become superposed onto the linear time arrow.

What happens when a child having had mini strokes due to multiple vaccinations cannot (due to a mental disability) attend the 2012 shift with full awareness? Will they be able to activate their merkaba lightbody in time? If it’s all about “raising ones consciousness” what is happening to those dear souls who “apparently” lost theirs? Is this only “apparent” in their 3D physical form? Could their lightbody be activated from their higher self in the 12th D assuming the same level of consciousness is there as here? I’ve seen the heart-love pour through the eyes of autistic children, or with Down syndrome, or w/ add, adhd, etc. Is it possible that at least some of these kids are here in such circumstances so as to be able to teach something to their parents or family group, but not necessarily lacking the ability to ascend? I’ve noticed ascension “symptoms” in some of these kids as well, hence my question.
You have noticed well. The 'autistic children' and the 'disabled' and the 'handicapped', either physiclly or mentally, are all very old souls, who in their presence at this time nexus help the 'able bodied' to function more from the 'Thinking Heart' platform, than the 'Thinking Mind' platform. The 'Feeling Mind' corollary so is attempting to manifest the Buddah's first preerogative of COMPASSION for the perceived Otherness in the 'Thinking Mind and Feling Heart' modality of the general populus.

You can trust me on this. The so called 'handicapped' are the stalwarts and anchors for the 'able bodied ones' and not the other way around. They are the 'Elders of Humanity' disguised and hidden in wrecked bodyforms and apparently incognitive brains.
Their presence here is from the soul and heart. They also are in expectation of a change to their immediate environments, meaning their individuated 'imprisonments in form'.

If humans have to go through a black hole at the exact moment of the Shift taking their physicality with them, and that space is only a couple of inches in diameter, their bodies will simply vanish out of 3D won’t they?

No no, you misunderstand the golfball sized Black Hole. This Black Hole is 4D and superimposed onto the ordinary 3D earth.
The 4D earth will change from sink to source and so from data receiver to data emitter.

Noone will pass through Black Holes. It will simply be like a new radio station has become turned on at the center of the earth.

When Jesus said “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:25)” I see this rich man as the old lady with a mountain of stuff on her back in "The Labyrynth" Movie. Haha! I always thought of this “Eye of a needle” as a vortex; and a camel, an elephant and even my favorite fig tree will pass through it and out the other side, won’t it? Perhaps this is why it’s called a birth?

Jesus here simply meant the 'encumbrances' of this world as being like baggage for the little soul, who is by nature free and independent from space and time containing the 'individualised baggages'.


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