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Lightbulb Re: Giving raw food a shot

People need to understand that the craving are not a result of needed to eat. It more a result of an addiction thats is why many people have a difficulty in switching over.

If you do not know why are you have this feeling that you call hungry ??? combating this will be then difficult

The key thing here is the get your body detoxed from all kind of poison.
I Just received my chlorella and this is a superfood which keep your body protected against toxic elements and remove any of that is stored in to your body.

I added fresh cilantro to pull the heavy metals out of your system and chlorella will carry it out of the body.

From my experience I noted that the cravings go away after a while when you start to change your food habbits. But depending on how many toxins are in the body when the cravings go away.

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