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Default Re: Giving raw food a shot

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
It can only help because up to recently, I had been eating too much junk food, especially sausage & egg sandwiches as breakfast, lunch, etc.
I've got a coupon for Subway for a bacon and egg sandwhich.. that's just staring at me from my kitchen counter.... !

A little junk is no bad thing I'm sure.... I've had practically no dairy for the past year... and I'm having some trouble with aching joints (could be all the time spent at PA!) so I'm not sure really what's healthy and what's not... for sure my calcium intake must have reduced...

though they say that the calcium in cow's milk needs huge quantities of potassium for us to the jury is out on whether you get much calcium from milk in reality.

Again.. I'm no nutritionist... definitely though, eating less junk and meat and milk makes you feel 'lighter'... more pure kind of energy i think...
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