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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

At first, I too responded w/a bit of unease (almost panic) about the ENORMOUS amt of dvd's, conference material, for sale on the website, until it settled in over a bit of time that there IS actually a LOT of free material there... the most important are FREE for everyone.

Let's face it, not everyone is called, or financially enabled or even has enough spare time to go the Entire depths of this work.

And, I trust how my life has geared me along this far, that I will receive what comes as it comes.

Stardustaquarian, again, thank you SO much for your presence here. I encourage those that are interested, to pull up Stardust's page and read the posts there, print them out even, as they have been very helpful to me.

Thank you Susan, for taking the time to look deeper into her work and telling us that you have. I regret too that I spoke so in defense of her work that I may have sounded harsh about it and even amended a former post to reflect that.

Thank you all
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